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Undead Invade Moonglow

The King had ordered me to see which cities were in need of governors. Arriving in Moonglow, I found it had been invaded by strange creatures and...
By Tamais, Jan 19, 2017 | |
  1. Asked to write a report for the king on the status of city governors, I recalled into Moonglow. To my horror I found the city full of strange and deadly creatures: Revenant Lion, Shadow Dwellers, Wights, Dream Wraiths, and worse of all citizens who'd changed into the undead.

    Rushing to the Castle, I was meet by a messenger requesting that I hurry to the hall.
    Arriving I found that others had also received the message.
    We didn't have to wait long before a Moonglow Royal Guard arrived. she seemed surprised at the number of people in the hall.​

    Skadi smiled at her, while others greeted her.

    "Hail" replied both Toodles and Flasath.

    The Royal Guard smiled back "I am so glad so many have come. There is great trouble in Moonglow.

    Mylene nodded. "Yes, I noticed. Normally you don't have revenant lions nipping at your heals with trade orders."
    The hall filled with murmurers of worry.

    "The King has asked I call you here tonight." the Royal Guard continued when the hall had quieted. "We have no Moonglow governor so the King has placed extra guards there."

    I frowned cities with no governors were always trouble.

    "I am afraid something has happened. We are not able to handle it alone." Moonglow's Royal Guard." said confirming my fears. "The long dead have risen."


    "We will be glad to assist." I shivered. "We have dealt with the undead before.

    The Moonglow Royal Guard nodded. "We all know that these lands have been breeding undead for many, many eons But these are ... different somehow." She paused. "I could go on describing it but there isn't much time."

    "Then we should go." I gathered my spellbooks. "Lead the way."

    "Let's ride...port..." agreed Toodles.

    The Moonglow Guard held up her hand to stop us. "Citizens of Moonglow are being overcome, becoming ill, spreading disease and madness."
    She shook her head. "There has been criminal activity as well. Please all of you keep your eyes open.'

    "Okies," Toodles frowned.

    "Sounds like the gargoyle blight from a few years ago." Lady Thalia said thoughtfully.

    The Royal guard nodded, "It is almost as if these undead have been called there. I don't want to speculate."

    "Bring your weapons, undead slayers, dragons, magical book" She opened the gate. "We will work from the inside out. Please follow me."
    Stepping through the gate, we were attacked by a pack of revenant lions.

    Slowly we progressed towards the city. "We have never seen revenant lions in Moonglow!" The Royal guard shouted above the battle noise. "This Way to the City!"

    Approaching the gate we found wights and shadow dwellers. Neither had I seen before.


    "Lets head into the city. Citizens are in peril!" urged the Royal guard.

    It was decided that we needed to divide our forces. Some would finish clearing the gate so the citizens could escape. While the rest would enter the city.
    Having scouted ahead. I warned the groups "Careful there are two lions guarding the gate.

    "We are in Moonglow friends!" The Royal guard called. "Please help clear the city of this evil."

    Moving slowly we found that most of the monsters had gathered in and around the maze. We knew that we would have to stop them before they could use the teleports."


    While one group worked to contain these. I heard Poltergeist hollar "Mobs stuck on the bank roof!" I ran over to see if they needed help. But the roof was under control

    The groups left outside had just entered the city gate.

    "What area?" Skeptamystic shouted?

    "We are on the west corner of the maze!" The Royal Guard shouted back. "Near the docks!"

    "To the right." Transcendence added..


    I heard citizens beginning to shout for help. "Guards! I pay my taxes and no guards?" Called Rafael. "Guards! A scoundrel is committing murder!" Ayaluna added.

    I followed the Royal Guard as she ran towards the voices. "In front of the mage shop!!!" she shouted back to me.

    Quickly I spread the word. Undead citizens were attacking the mage shop.

    The undead citizens were taking a heavy toll on both our warriors, mages and tamers. But soon their numbers were thinned.

    Looking around to make sure we hadn't missed any. I ran into a new problem, Ghostly Mist. Like most monsters, it quickly took a liking to me.

    Finding a healer, I found it difficult to return to the group. That ghostly Mist seemed to sense my present. At last I was able to rejoin the battle.
    At last we fought our way back to the gate. Moonglow was safe for now.

    The Moonglow Royal Guard looked at us in amazement " You all are very good at this."

    "We aim to please." Vixen Sonoma said with a laugh. The rest of us joined in.

    "Should we check the graveyard?" The Royal Guard suggested.

    Tired as we were, we agreed that would be a good idea.

    On the way we ran into a the last of the undead citizens. These offered little trouble.

    On the way, I watched puzzled as the Royal Guard attack and kill a cow.

    "I killed that cow just in case!!" She explained. I nodded and followed her to the graveyard.

    Arriving the battle was already in progress. The graveyard was filled with Lich Lords.


    At last it was over. The Moonglow Royal Guard looked around in relief.
    The a frown of worry crossed her face. "But how will it be kept under control! when you leave they will over take us again."

    Thinking for a minute, "You need to hire a priest of just hire a necromancer." Sake suggested.

    "Send us a message and we will come." I told her. "

    Vixen Sonoma added. "And call us back when needed."

    The Royal Guard smiled, "We will appreciate the help." She paused in thought. "I have been a citizen of Moonglow for many years and my parents and their grandparents before them.

    The Royal Guard removed her helmet and scratched her head. "The man's name is...Thad...no Thaddius"

    "Thaddius?" I asked. That name does sound familiar."

    Sphinkter agreed. "He is a bad man, a very bad man."

    The Royal Guard continued. "He will be hard to find. He moves a lot. Mother says he is a genius with potions and otherworldly magiks."

    "Then we will have to start looking for him. Any ideas where?" I questioned the group.

    "So Check the Alchemy shops?" suggested Vixen Sonoma.

    "Lycicium." Epona added.

    "Where does he live?" Sake asked with a wink. "We'll just stake out his house."

    "He is often deep in dungeons searching for crystals and other magical things." The Royal guard told us.

    I sighed, dungeons, why couldn't he be found in a nice safe tavern.

    "He moves city to city seeking rare herbs and rare gems."

    "Hum, rare herbs and gems." I mused. "Maybe we could lure him to us."

    It was agreed, we would start searching for him and meet the Moonglow Royal Guard in a week.

    "But don't meet in Moonglow, the undead may be overpowering us again." The Royal Guard exclaimed. "Coming in alone would be a bad idea. We will meet at the hall in Britain."

    "We shall find him." Sphinkter assured her.

    "Hopefully with good news." I said.

    "Keep a watch out here." The Royal guard requested. "And find Thaddius at all costs!!"

    "You can count on us." Sphinkter replied, as we nodded in agreement.

    Checking the graveyard once more, the group dispersed
    Returning home, I grabbed a scroll to write down the clues given.

    First, he moved from city to city looking for rare gems, crystals and herbs.
    Second, he is a genius alchemist.
    Third, he could be deep, deep in dungeons.

    Checking the list one more time. I left to give it to the royal scribes to copy. By morning the clues would be posted in every corner of the lands.​

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