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Undead Vikings Attack

The Good Dupre gave us unsettling news. Undead Vikings had been seen in Trinsic. Neve to leave a city undefended, we rallied to his call
By Tamais, Feb 1, 2019 | |
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  1. 1.jpg

    I read the message in surprise. It wasn't from Lady Harriet as excepted, rather it was from my old friend, the good Dupre. This could only mean trouble in Trinsic

    "Greetings Citizens," Dupre said as we entered the hall.

    "Hi," Stilgar and Skadi replied.

    "Hail," Sphinkter returning his greeting.

    "Evening Sir," Vixen Sonoma said.

    The good Dupre surveyed the room.


    Vixen Sonoma and I looked around.

    "I don't believe so, " I told him, not seeing Governor Elithil
    Dupre nodded. " Ah well, I will seek her out again in the future."

    "Thank you all for answering my call." Dupre began. "The walls of Trinsic hold fast but the shoreline needs your help...I need your help."

    "You got it," Demoss assured him.

    I nodded in agreement.

    Dupre continued. "We have been visited by undead upon our shores. It has only been a few, but I fear more will come."

    I shook my head "It has happened there before. The poor citizens."

    "We must protect the citizens." Demoss frowned. He also remembered the past problems.


    "Vikings!" Stilagar exclaimed in surprise.

    "Not far from the docks to the island," The Good Dupre explained." I wish to collect a sample, or perhaps even a larger part of the bow of this ship."

    "A piece of the ship?" Stilgar asked.

    The Good Dupre looked around again " I need the governor to make the announcement that all citizens should beware and stay away from the shoreline. Just for now until we find out what is causing this and how to prevent it.

    "I will pass the word to her and the citizens," I told him and wrote myself a note.

    "Thank you Tamais that would be helpful," The Good Dupre acknowledging my offer. "And yes Stigar to answer your questions the local historians have identified the pieces as an ancient Viking Longboat,"

    Stilgar nodded "Ahhhh.'

    "Can I count on you all to help?" The Good Dupre asked?

    Of course, our answers were yes as we prepared for battle.
    Cathy Earnshaw nodded.

    Vixen Sonoma replied, " Indeed."

    "Yes," Supflasah said getting ready to leave.

    "Aye," Purrmutaion agreed.

    Sphinkter stood up and shouted "Hell yea!"

    "Yes, Yes," Princess adding her voice. "Ready

    "Do we need a boat?" Moogle asked.

    Dupre shook his head. "Excellent, I will gate to the area where the largest piece lies.


    "Ready," Princess and I told him.

    The Good Dupre waited outside, "Here is good, yes?"

    "Yes, "Cathy Earnshaw nodded.

    Arriving we found what The Good Dupre had told us about...the bow of a Viking ship.

    "Cool color," Princess observed.
    "Very cool." Cathy Earnshaw agreed.

    "Yep, a Viking ship," I said touching it. Too late Durpre shouted out his warning.

    Quickly I pulled back my hand, but already a swarm of large ship rats rushed us.

    "Those don't look like Vikings!" Stilgar shouted as he attacked.

    8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg

    As we fought the rats, I caught sight of another foe... undead Viking slaves!
    The good Durpe shouted, "Please come North friends the undead are awakening!!"​


    12.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg

    15.jpg 16.jpg
    Soon we were joined by the brave healers of Trinsic.

    Seeing the battle they called for the guards "Guards! Help, a murderer! Protect me! " Healer Desmond shouted as he fought a slave. Dupre rushed to his defense.

    Back and forth we slowly pushed the slaves back to the sea. No time for a breather as their masters arose from the sea. Some on steeds.


    18.jpg 19.jpg 20.jpg 21.jpg 22.jpg
    23.jpg 24.jpg

    Seeing his army defeated, An Unnamed Viking appeared. Bellowing he jumped into the middle of our forces.

    25.jpg 26.jpg 27.jpg 29.jpg

    With the Good Dupre's help, he was quickly sent back to his watery grave taking his ship with him.
    Knowing that Durpe had wanted a piece of the ship, I hurried to him. "Were you able to get a piece before the ship sank?

    "Thank you, friends!" The Good Dupre showed us the ship pieces he was able to save.


    "Awesome." Cathy Earnshaw said smiling.

    "Wonderful." Sphinkter agreed.

    Kraxal tapped my shoulder. "Let me see."

    I nodded and moved.

    Dupre opened a gate. "I request you enter this gate and please come."
    We followed him to the hall.

    "Friends, please if you will." The Good Dupre motioned for us to sit. "There may be more pieces of the wreckage.


    "Hum not good. I'll pass the word to our fisherman." I began a list of those I knew.

    "Perhaps if you have not magics, carry a sextant. The Good Dupre suggested. "Let me know of these new finds."

    Cathy and I nodded.

    "I have a big ship," Hotpants told me.

    "I will meet you here next week to go over your finds," Dupre explained to us.


    "We will go to each location and collect the debris." He explained then added. "But please do not try to clear it yourselves.

    Vixen Sonoma glanced at me. " Scout and report."

    I blushed, "I'll mark runes as I find them."

    Dupre nodded. "Very well I will see you next week friends. And thank you all."

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