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Uo Classic Theme Replacement Has Arrived!

We hope that you enjoy the new and improved Classic theme!
Average User Rating:
  1. By popular demand, we have developed a UO Classic Theme Replacement. It is built on the same infrastructure as Blue Steel, but uses the tan background and dark text that many have come to love. You will notice that we also revived an older Stratics logo for your enjoyment.

    The original UO Classic theme will remain available, but we encourage you to try out this improved version. Eventually the UO Classic theme will be discontinued. The new Classic theme is of course free, providing everyone the choice between Classic and Blue Steel.


    We also updated the theme to display more forums for less scrolling to find the one you are interested in.

    And... we widened the display a touch for easier reading of posts. You can always shrink the display using the selector at the bottom left corner below the sidebar.


    Premium Goodies!
    We also prepared two excellent Premium Member themes for some added spice. Just like with Blue Steel, we will continue to provide more variety with time. If you want to become a Premium Member, subscribe here!

    Meet Britannia! Britannia uses an Ultima Online map as a background. Original art by NoxIllunis971.

    Meet Hunter! Hunter uses a variety of creatures as the background. Original art by darkness.

    And our newest Blue Steel addition... Exodus! Original art provided by Electronic Arts.

    We hope you enjoy our work. We are proud of the new Classic theme.

    *Do you enjoy creating Ultima Online art? Would you like your art featured as a background on Stratics? If so, please contact us and show off your work.

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Flagg
    PROS - Looks great! Too set in my ways to want to see this changed! Most all changes done here are really growing on me though. Still, it is beyond great to have the old background back. New one just never worked for me.
      Ron Bron likes this.
  2. Captn Norrington
    "I love the new backgrounds!"
    PROS - The new backgrounds look great!
    CONS - None
      Ron Bron likes this.