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Void Pool Recognition

  1. Void Pool Recognition
    Heroes recognize for 9.5 hours, 255 waves of Death on the march.​
    Void Pool Recognition.jpg
    So what title works for you? I like the second one myself. That was the longest day I ever had, I had sat through some IDOC in the early years but the most was maybe 4-5 hours, never anything as long as that battle. There was little time between each wave and it was a continuous battle from the minute we arrived to the minute we quit fighting.
    Void Pool Recognition1.jpg
    We met HRM King Blackthorn at the Britain Bank. Standing behind a podium he begins with a wave to the crowd and then his speech.

    King Blackthorn:
    *gives a royal wave to the crowd*
    Void Pool Recognition2.jpg
    Citizens of Britannia! This is a proud day for our land! And it is very good to see so many of you here. If any of your friends or towns folks are not here yet please send a pigeon to them swiftly.

    For this is a great day! Today, we gather to honor a great achievement! Our land has had many heroes throughout the years but I would be hard-pressed to find any who could match the effort that those we honor today achieved.
    Void Pool Recognition3.jpg
    Almost a year ago, the foul sorceress Cora came within a hair of releasing her army into the world. If not for the efforts of these stalwart defenders, we would not be meeting here today.

    So, today, I have the pleasure to unveil not one, but two monuments to their achievements! The first will remain here unless some interloper across the void temporarily beats their record.

    I say temporarily because I know that you would not allow that defeat to stand.

    *There were a great many shouts, all in agreement with the last remarks HRM had made.*

    The second, we will travel to shortly. But for now, a moment's silence as I secure this shield where all can see it!

    *with those words he placed the Huge Shield of Siege Perilous at the corner of the bank.*

    Nine and half hours of solid battle is not a small effort, their names will live on as long as there are heroes in this land, bards will sing of that day or I will throw them in the dungeon.

    Now, let us travel to our second location.
    Void Pool Recognition4.jpg
    *A gate was open and all enter it to see them self at second entrance of Covetous.*
    Void Pool Recognition5.jpg Void Pool Recognition6.jpg
    Well, I am glad you are all in high spirits fear not. Well, let us proceed, as best we can let us proceed, anyway. We are here to honor those deeds so, let us proceed. As I unveil this blood-stained plaque let us remember their great efforts. That day, every virtue shone from this cave. That day, Valor was shown in great quantities. Honor, without question. Compassion and Sacrifice, as they supported each other. Justice was dealt, over and over, until the foe fell.
    Void Pool Recognition7.jpg
    And the Spirituality of all was unquestioned. Lastly, in utter Humility, these good folks have been without praise or Honor. Until now. Please turn your eyes to the curtains above.

    *pulls back curtain*

    *slowly the curtains are pulled back to reveal another HUGE shield of Siege, under this is information of the battle*
    Void Pool Recognition8.jpg

    Well done Siege. Let the names of the victors live in song and tale forever so that the monument can shine in all its glory and the one at the bank will remain there as long as you keep fighting back the other forces


    Siege, I salute you! It is I who thank you often, this crown is heavy. Today, it is as light as a feather. There is a moongate to the south, should you need it or you can stay here and party.

    And with those words, the Ceremony was completed.

    ((I have one request, let not have this article strip of the honor it shows by any negative remarks of any kind regarding any action that was taken during that ceremony.))

    Thank you.

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