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By Drakelord, Jun 5, 2016 | |
  1. VvV
    Pink & Blue Teams

    Todays VvV almost never happen or would have been very lop sided as the Virtue side had only three members, two archers and one thief, while the Vice side had odds of three to one against the Virtue side.

    However that did not stop our Citizens of Siege to come up with a idea to balance out both sides. Two teams were drawn up, and colored hooded robes were passed out to all present. Blue for Virtue, pink for the Vice.

    Pink?! Yes Pink I said! And if you got a problem with that I let Freja speak to you ;) .

    Members of each team were partied since we were from all different guilds and had to have someway to communicate with each other.

    I was glad to have some of the Vice members on my team for once, as it meant I would die far less, (you think). Still I did get a few more shots in then before, and it was fun seeing a wave of BLUE running around in a town.

    During one of our battle we ran across this naked individual, who was not a member of either team. After a little chat with him we discovered that he was there for the VvV and would loot any bodies he found. So both teams made sure to keep him in Spirit form for our stay in that city.

    All I can say I was happy to see the team work of so many individuals during this player’s events, It was fun. As Kelmo said

    Thanks Guys and Gals!

    ImageDL2vvv.jpg ImageDL4vvv.jpg ImageDL6vvv.jpg ImageDL8vvv.jpg ImageDL10vvv.jpg ImageDL12vvv.jpg

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