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We All Went To Jail!

By Drakelord, Aug 25, 2016 | |
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  1. Pre event chat;​

    Marrionette owl: if I can help in any way, let me know. this shard will never die to me, and I’m not moving.
    EM Willow: good!

    We all went to Jail!

    You see: Commander Cameron

    Commander Cameron: Renold the Tinker has been moved to a secure location to try to duplicate his craft. We have found sentient robots on the land. They have become self aware. I am highly concerned. If it is true that they are sentient. That means that they can create themselves. We have to work on finding the source of the sentient robots. Once we find the source we can destroy it. Renold the tinker has created for us the ability to build Automaton. For that we are greatful. But we cannot allow the sentient race of robots to continue. We are to meet up with Renold and help him clear the area. This will be a very dangerous quest. The area will be very tight. Be sure to keep track of your dragons. Close quarters will make it hard to move. I will be concerned with your safety. The area we are going is multiple levels. Please make sure you clear out the entire island. All levels. I will gate us now. I have hired healers to accompany us on this journey. They are stationed inside and out. Let's go I will meet you outside.

    You are dead.
    Hatshepsut: An Corp - Resurrection

    Drakelord: any discord bards here?
    Purist: we have not made it inside, so many guards


    Renold the Tinker: if you go to the roof there is a teleporter that will take you back down on the west end
    Renold the Tinker: if you go to the roof there is a teleporter that will take you back down on the west end.
    Kara: where exactly are we supposed to be now..which level?
    Purist: I'm not sure, kinda lost myself
    Renold the Tinker: Guards please clear the whole area! It does not matter just please help me kill these. It does not matter where you start but I think you are losing the battle
    Kara: this is a mess
    Drea de Matteo: no kidding
    LKatana: where you at
    Deadly Poison: getting beat up at yew prison, these guys are rough
    Renold the Tinker: (((I am deleting some of these monsters sorry guys I guess I made too much))
    THANK YOU! ♥♥♥♥
    Renold the Tinker: Well Done Guard!!
    Renold the Tinker: Can you guys let me out of the cell? I can help.
    Purist: its locked
    Renold the Tinker: I am concerned about the automaton on the island itself
    Drakelord: how about we just leave him here ;)

    Renold the Tinker: There is a teleporter. Be careful but head down to the island when you can
    Kara: too many behind to open that door
    Blood Rayne: there are too many in hall to get to the secret exit
    Renold the Tinker: There’s a teleporter to the island itself
    Renold the Tinker: Help me kill this last Machine, Then I will gate us down
    Renold the Tinker: gate to the island! Be careful what you find here. The island is dangerous!
    You are dead.
    Drakelord: nope not with it sitting over me
    Kara: i feel like i am on Atlantic.......over kill!!
    Drea de Matteo: this is nuts
    Drakelord: willow been taking lesson from Bennu?
    Revenge: event still going on?
    LKatana: yes
    Revenge: where at?
    LKatana: yew prison
    Skeptamystic: wheres everyone at?
    Navarro: was that the boss?
    Drakelord: Yew prison island
    Renold the Tinker: I am near the large oil spill. When you have cleared the island please meet me at the oil spill

    ToNy MoNtAnA: which way once out the gate
    Renold the Tinker: Are there still robots alive on the island?
    Drakelord: yes
    Renold the Tinker: Which way we will come help
    LKatana: don’t know
    Kara: in front of yew prison
    LKatana: I think so
    Drakelord: SE side
    Renold the Tinker: well is it north south east or west?
    Drakelord: at the oil
    Renold the Tinker: Here! To the North! North side! A Sentience. We are killing the Sentience
    Kara: is there more than one spot of oil?!
    Renold the Tinker: OK back to the oil spill
    Kara: we were by the oil and missed it
    Renold the Tinker: I had asked everyone to come with me to make sure the island was clear. The most important time is now
    Kara: everyone everywhere, ..lack of team work not sure where to be..gets frustrating
    Drakelord: no worries water under the bridge, have we got the last of these Bots?

    Renold the Tinker: I have some information to bring the king. Please if you can. Take a sample of this oil. I believe that the robots are using this special oil. I am hearing a rumble. Whenever I hear that rumble a new breed of robot shows its head. Stand back. I think its coming. Lets move closer to the water. Everyone to the waters edge. RUNNNNNNNNNN

    Drakelord: NICE I love this event died like 6 times but had a blast

    The Drop?
    Purist: an oil puddle

    Kara: the only people who liked the event, got the drop
    ((Nope did not get one))

    Thus ends this report

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Tamais
    PROS - Fun write up
    Sounds like my type of event, lots of grey and death robes. Love those surprise bosses that kill every one. Great story arc.
      Drakelord likes this.