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We Did It, Harriet Saved

Carefully I sew the patches on to my scorched tunic...red, purple, green...so many different colors. I smiled while sewing, Harriet was safe again...
By Tamais, Jul 29, 2017 | |
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  1. Governor Mylene, Governor Court Jester and I met with King Blackthorn reporting our finds in Exodus dungeon.

    "The door you found is gone...Atagoni the Zealot has moved Harriet." He informed us as he paced the room.
    Stopping he slammed his fist on the council table. "Find her at all cost!" he ordered.

    "Yes, Sire." Governor Mylene, Governor Court Jester, and I stood bowing to take our leave.

    He held up his hand to stop us "I must ask you not to repeat what I am about to tell you."

    The three of us nodded.

    "I have a report that strange energy fields have been found in a dungeon." He held up a parchment. "It might lead to Harriet. Find the dungeon and report back."

    Going with a small party,(Governor Mylene, Governor Court Jester, Jahajx Jov, Gwynne) our search lead us to the Rock dungeon. It was strangely empty except for electric traps along the walls. While we found no sign of Harriet. We did find a room closed by a strange energy field...inside a pole with chains.

    I returned to the King and reported my findings. I could see his concern, "Harriet must be found. I'll lead the search for her!" He declared forcefully.

    "My Liege, please reconsider. "I implored. "That Zealot said you were his master. It wouldn't be wise to meet him."

    "What! His master?" The King said in surprise. "Perhaps you are right, Tamais. I must think about this."

    Arriving late to the hall, I was surprised and disappointed to see the King addressing the gathering.


    "Assist your fellow fighters. Rescue her!" He commanded. "Come out I will gate from the outside. The crowd is thick!"

    Outside the King opened a gate. "Here we are."

    "Sire, I still think you shouldn't lead us. That zealot is really, really nuts."

    Ignoring me he lead us through the gate. "This way."

    "This is as far as I go. Bring Harriet home safely my friends." he said when we arrived at the Rock Dungeon. "Search for electric charges. Careful not to touch the wall. They are WIRED."

    To my relief he stepped back through the gate. We were on our own. Starting down the hall we quickly meet with resistance. Surveillance drones and Electrical Charges guarded the halls.


    Slowly we fought our way through the maze of halls...careful not to touch the walls charged with energy. Seemly unending strange electrical creatures joining the battle.



    Finally we came to the small room that my small group had discovered. Only this time it was blocked by an energy field.
    Peering through I saw Harriet chained to the pole...guarded by an undead Jukan Lord.
    Moving to the gate, he directed other Jukans to attack. Jukans who used necromancy spells, Jukan Fire Mages, and Jukan electricians.



    The Undead Jukan had dropped the gate to lead the attack.
    This allowed me to reach Harriet. I found I could teleport into Harriet. Now to figure out how to drop the energy barrier and break her chains.

    "Help me out!" Harriet called to me. "Help!"

    "Oh geez," Cathy Earnshaw said looking at the field

    "We are trying." I assured her. "Are you okay?"​

    The room had become crowded, when I heard a familar voice. "So you have found her. "Atagoni the Zealot said.


    "We told you we would save her." I reminded him. You crazy fiend let her out."

    Laughing at us, he summoned more Jukas and energy forces. While the others battled I stayed close to Harriet.

    "Thank Goodness you are here." Harriet told me. "Careful! The Electric Charge is Painful."

    Looking around, I saw a pitcher of water and threw it on the electric field. It didn't seem to do anything.

    Harriet wrung her hands "Quickly before they come!" she urged.

    "How do we get you out of there?" Panama asked pulling on the chains."

    Outside the room I hear Atagoni the Zealot taunting the others. "Patience humans, I will kill you all...don't worry.​

    Panama studied the chains. " what if I cast unlock on the chains. *Ex Por*." It didn't work.

    Returning to the room, Atagoni began laughing, "They want me to let you out. But I won't."

    "Let her out!" Storm demanded.

    "What are these electric flashes?" He noticed them coming from the barrier.

    I smiled knowing that the water had finally begun working.

    Rushing out of the room, he called for Jukan Eletricians. They found our army waiting.




    He returned in time to see Harriet testing the barrier. "Hey, you don't touch that!" he shouted.

    "Quickly, there is a short in the wire." Harriet shouted.. "Guard me as I get through!!"

    We cheered when the field dropped and Harriet stepped through. Atagoni the Zealot turned and ran.

    "Now lets RUN.'" Harriet lead the way down the halls. Only stopping when we were blocked by Jukas. "Kill them Quickly! My brave warriors."

    Arriving at back at the first room, we found it full of Jukas. Harriet ran to the door. " Kill the jukas then run with me! We must escape before the power over charges the walls."
    The battle was fierce...the jukas joined by a Daemon Bone Juka. Strong as their forces were, the battle was short.


    We rejoined Harriet at the Hall.

    "Thank you all for saving me." She smiled, "Thank you so much for helping me out there."

    While glad to see her safe, I was worried about Atagoni the Zealot. "But did we get that crazy zealot?"

    Harriet shook her head. "Unfortunately not Tamais. Our hunt will continue."

    "Aye." Cathy Earnshaw agreed.

    I looked at the singe marks on my clothes, "Those electrical currents were nasty. But we will get him."

    "We know they are experimenting with magiks they should not." Harriet replied when asked about the jukas.

    As the others began to leave, I went to explain to Harriet what took us so long.

    "We almost saved you at the exodus dungeon...then he moved you."

    "Hmm. That must be where my microphone is and my shoes." She said thoughtfully.

    "Yes, we found them there." I reached into a bag and handed them to her. "Your communicator helped us find the room and your shoes were by the door."

    Harriet took them. "They moved me 3 times. I haven't a clue where I was. The last time was where you found me."

    "All that matters is we found you." I told Harriet.

    "Aye." Court Jester agreed.

    Cathy Earnshaw and Skadi smiled and nodded.

    Harriet smiled back, "For now I must report to the King. Thank you all!! I owe my life."

    Still worried about that crazy zealot, I returned home. Sighing I found I'd have to patch the scorch marks.

    Oh well, can a court bard ever be too colorful I thought grabbing bright bits of cloth.​

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