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Welcome To Siege Perilous

  1. Welcome to Siege Perilous ​

    M&G Siege 3-18-17a.jpg
    That should be over the gates to the shard with small print below it “Bank Everything”. First I was not at fault for the problems with the time changes, I blame “Daylight Saving”, when I wrote up the first article for the prep of this historical meeting. Our new EM did post a message at the Stratics forum in the UO.com News and I just assume that everyone read it.
    M&G Siege 3-18-17a1.jpg
    The M&G was fun and also very entertaining. We learned that our EM had played on Siege for a very long time as a normal player and that he has a very “EVIL” grin. Do be careful of clicking on anything in the upstairs room. Oh speaking of Clickys there is a Elven forge at the EM hall, clicking on it will net you a sash, one per account. But be watchful of the thieves (looks back at SB) .
    M&G Siege 3-18-17b.jpg M&G Siege 3-18-17c.jpg
    SpyderBite: here here! not that there are any thieves on Siege.
    M&G Siege 3-18-17d.jpg
    EM Kincaid: I do apologise for the confusion with Daylight Savings! Now, I decided to hold the event here because I thought it would be a more relaxed environment. Plan B is to gate us to Serpents Hold, but I would rather not. You are squelched there, and it feels very formal. I just ask that you take it, in turns, asking questions. But yes, there is a guard zone here. I'm sorry if that I upsets you. This evening is for the ongoing good of Siege. I want to see what we can do together. I do ask that there be no PKing in this building today. Well, 99% of this week is good for killing each other. I'm just asking for a little bit of your time. Let me tell you a little about myself, and put your minds at rest. I have been playing on Siege for a long time. Siege is my home. Except for my training as EM, I have not played on any other shard in about 17 years. I would like to think that I understand Siege. I have fought beside many of you. I have fought against many of you.
    M&G Siege 3-18-17e.jpg
    So, you don't have to believe me when I say that I took this role to try to give something back to Siege, but I hope what I do in the coming months, years, and hopefully decades will prove that. So, tonight, I want to address a few things. First, the timing of events. I'm sure that's high on YOUR priority list.
    M&G Siege 3-18-17f.jpg
    NOTE: Now I (Drakelord) will say that for myself the question of the Guard Zone at the EM Hall has come up before and I will state for the record that I am all for it there. I like having an area where I can sit and type a chat in game and not worry about being attacked for no reason at all except to loot my char dead body. You can catch me later when I have my full attention on the game screen.

    Em Kincaid went on to explain about having two or more events each month, and not all events will have drops. As for the single boss or multi bosses, there was a mix of comments for that. Comments or question he said to put a book in the mailbox or email him, the address is [email protected].

    I think we are going to have a very good time with the new EM. Congrats Siege!

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