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West Of Cove! Mail From Siege

  1. West of Cove! Mail from Siege
    Hello Father, Aunt Vixen and Uncle Zardoz also say hi, this has been a fun day for most of us. Below is a log of our adventure with EM Hawker.
    Natalia Marais: Hail EM Hawker
    EM Hawker: Hello
    Kimi Mori: hello
    Caustic: waves at Hoffs

    Pinkerton: I hope yer taking pictures Kimi!
    Caustic: moons the camera

    You see: A Blind Monk
    A Blind Monk: I have came to seek help
    Kimi Mori: how can we help you sir
    A Blind Monk: The holiday has passed, and several of the little bunnies have gone missing.
    Caustic: how may we assist?
    A Blind Monk: Each bunny was raised and trained in a town it represents.
    A Blind Monk: By a monk of that town. It is an simple quiet order
    A Blind Monk: We monks are not very trustworthy, there are many who will steal the bunnies.

    Kimi Mori: *gasp*
    Kimi Mori: a monk that is NOT trustworthy!

    A Blind Monk: We will not have an Easter next year unless these bunnies are found.
    Natalia Marais: Oh no! We must find them!
    A Blind Monk: Please help my order, they know which towns the bunnies are missing, and they have found clues, letters on where the bunnies are being held.
    A Blind Monk: It is almost like a game it seems.
    A Blind Monk: We do no know who or why is behind this.
    A Blind Monk: The stables is where you will find my order. Britain is the closest one.
    Image6.jpg Image8.jpg Image10.jpg
    It was a game, as we moved to stables after stables seeking clues to the whereabouts of those Bunnies. At each stable there was a blind Monk station there and by asking him questions and answering his were we able to finally fine the location of the lost Bunnies.

    You see: A Blind Monk
    A Blind Monk: Yes, the Britain bunny is missing, we need help but you must prove your worthy.
    A Blind Monk: Your here to help? You will have to prove it.
    A Blind Monk: Yes, Britain is the city of what virtue?
    Image12.jpg Image14.jpg Image16.jpg Image18.jpg
    At each of the cities stables we were asked questions such as this from these Blind Monks. In the end the clues all pointed towards Cove. Once there it took very little time to finally figure where the bunnies were being kept. We were hard pressed to rescue them from mean Trammie, Care Bear, and a Bunny mutant that took forever to finally send to Easter Heaven.

    In the end most receive a very nice drop, an Easter Painting. There is a copy hanging at the EM hall if you like to see it.

    That all for now Father, give my love to Mother. ♥

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