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What Happening Sonoma?

By Drakelord, Mar 19, 2018 | |
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  1. What Happening Sonoma?​

    I have been rather busy with that real life to post any news articles. We had two events take place, one where we had a Special Guest Star “Mesanna” at the Meet and Greet for EM Xanthus promotion to a new color robe, she had fun with getting the color just right. EM Xanthus also covered the Brit hall contest and Mesanna put up a sign “Under Construction” on the building and LOCKED the doors, so no peeking till EM Xanthus is finished redoing the Hall. Something he promised along with the Hall was to look into creating the Soul Stone Graveyard.
    M&G with guest star Mesanna.jpg M&G with guest star Mesanna1.jpg
    The next event was the Governor’s Meeting last Sunday (3-18-18). Here the Governors, that were presented, gave a short report for their city. We had two Governor missing, Minoc and Britain. HRM was very concern with the current status of Brit, seems there been a lot of rats sightings, and it was suggested maybe the city needed to import cats to fight the rat invaders. Methinks there is a hint of an upcoming event.
    Governor Meeting Sonoma 3-18-18.jpg
    After this meeting, we met with EM Xanthus in Castle courtyard to discuss some areas of concerns. The return of Fish Trophies from previse Months., whether to continue the monthly fishing contest. A poll may be posted at the UO.Com Forums Sonoma. The return of items that were put in the mailbox for the decoration of cities. Also, the date for the next event was changed from the 23rd to the 25th. Same time and location.

    That's all Folk!

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