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Whiskey A Distilled Spirit 2-15-17

By Drakelord, Feb 16, 2017 | |
  1. Whiskey a Distilled Spirit
    At our last monthly meeting of the Council, we were informed all about the new Distillery at the farm on the northern island of Jhelom, City of Valor. I even went by there, a few days ago to check it out. So when we were all called to the War Room on Serpent’s Hall we had no idea that it would involve the Distillery or a drunken Commander. I wonder if he has a hangover today? Maybe better see a healer for it. I know a lot of us were seeing healers yesterday during the investigation of the Distillery
    Location: War Room
    You see: Commander Chimaera
    distilled spirits1.jpg

    Commander Chimaera: *hic*
    Domanos: hail
    Beastslayer: Hail!
    Drakelord: Hail sir
    Briar Rose: Hail Commander!
    Moxxi: evening!
    Chulacus: hail
    Purist: Howdy Capty!
    Commander Chimaera: What?
    max: hail
    Duke Nukum: attention on deck
    Kara: been drinking sir?
    Briar Rose: *salutes*
    Cinderella: Evening Commander
    Vershawn: No fair ya started early.
    Pungatu: already drunk
    Commander Chimaera: Oh Hey there!
    Kara: little tipsy
    Drakelord: you are a bit tipee
    Commander Chimaera: How is all of you this evening?
    Anguis Domitor: great
    Commander Chimaera: *hic*
    Kara: good, you sir?
    Vershawn: Far too sober.
    Commander Chimaera: *hic*
    Commander Chimaera: I am... Great!
    Drakelord: to sober we need to catch up with you
    Kara: off your face a little...*hic hic*
    Briar Rose: Have you been visiting the new distillery?
    Commander Chimaera: Thank you, sir
    Commander Chimaera: Yes there Briar Rose *hic* I have been putting a few back
    Cinderella: oh?
    Commander Chimaera: But SHHHH
    Briar Rose: It seems they have brewed a potent brew!

    distilled spirits2.jpg

    Commander Chimaera: *hic* You spoiled the surprise
    Duke Nukum: smiles
    Kara: special reason or just felt like a few
    Commander Chimaera: *hic*
    Drakelord: we promise not to say a word
    Commander Chimaera: *squints single eye*
    Briar Rose: awww, I am sorry.
    Commander Chimaera: SO!
    Commander Chimaera: I'm here to formally announce to you all people tonight
    Cinderella: you're not seeing double are ya
    Commander Chimaera: That That officially the whiskey distillery in Jhelom is officially opened
    : Officially
    Moxxi: Let's drink!
    Duke Nukum: cheers
    Commander Chimaera: You people
    Cinderella: *claps*
    Kara: *claps*
    Commander Chimaera: as in all of YOU!
    Drakelord: Cheer now let go get drunk
    Commander Chimaera: *points to group of people*
    Olivia: as an elf, how am I supposed to take that?
    Moxxi: don’t let Kat drink.. she's a lightweight!
    Katrina: hey now
    Commander Chimaera: *hic* So!
    Fisner: did he say "you people "
    Commander Chimaera: It offers fine whiskeys
    Katrina: I can handle it
    Commander Chimaera: *hic*
    Katrina: I think
    Commander Chimaera: For gargoyles and elves too
    Commander Chimaera: *hic*
    Clym of Clough: Elves are people too aren't they?
    Commander Chimaera: and dragons
    Moxxi: sureee, you said that last time and started taking clothes off...
    Katrina: you saw that?
    Moxxi: mmmmhmmm
    Katrina: omg I hid myself
    Commander Chimaera: And you all should go there
    Fisner: I ain’t drunk I'm just drinking
    Cinderella: I don't want to see a drunk dragon
    Commander Chimaera: *hic* WE should go there!
    Fisner: lead on
    Drakelord: ever see a drunk dragon?
    Commander Chimaera: Sorry
    Vershawn: I so want to fight a whiskey elemental
    Commander Chimaera: The whiskey is quite quite good *mmmmmm*
    Kara: so you said
    Commander Chimaera: But, I asked you here for a reason. What was that
    Duke Nukum: right with you
    Drakelord: to go get drunk?
    Commander Chimaera: Oh! The whiskey business factory distillery
    Kara: *why is the rum always gone*
    Commander Chimaera: *hic*
    Commander Chimaera: So CRAZY story!
    Commander Chimaera: I was talking to the proprietor of the whiskey distillery
    Drakelord: love those kinds
    Commander Chimaera: Pfft I forgot his name...
    Cinderella: is it overrun by something
    Commander Chimaera: *giggles and drools slightly* Lets call him Jeff
    Duke Nukum: to funny
    Moxxi: Jeff it is!
    Commander Chimaera: So Jeff and I are talking and I say to him
    Drakelord: OK Jeff
    Vershawn: Jeff Daniels?
    Commander Chimaera: Hey Jeff, how you get into this business
    Commander Chimaera: Of Whiskey making and such. And you know what he told me?
    Fisner: good question
    Kara: what?
    Drakelord: sounds like he may be related to a Jack I know
    Duke Nukum: dad was a bootlegger to?
    Commander Chimaera: HE, Jeff, said he bought this farm for coins on the coins. Cheap he said. Dirt cheap!
    Moxxi: cheap whiskey!
    Commander Chimaera: I asked him how so? Jhelom is a nice town
    Cinderella: whys that
    Commander Chimaera: Market prices across Britannia aren’t what they once were
    But a FARM?! Cheap? He told me this
    Domanos: dang bankers
    Drakelord: on an island to boot
    Commander Chimaera: Its built on a Native Britannian burial ground! THE FARM!
    Fisner: doh
    Briar Rose: Oh no!
    Drakelord: ahhh
    Cinderella: undead
    Commander Chimaera: Crazy huh?
    Kara: yes very
    Commander Chimaera: Nothing could grow there
    Drakelord: now I am getting the full picture
    Briar Rose: Don't the spirits of the dead haunt him?
    Vershawn: Haunted whiskey bottle.
    Commander Chimaera: Sheep cows couldn’t grow. Have you ever tried to grow a cow?
    Its hard enough! : *wobbles back and forth*
    Pungatu: *makes Chim coffee
    Commander Chimaera: So anyway... while we were talking! We heard this CRASH Like this... *kwesploseon* And we look over you know what we saw? SPIRITS!
    Clym of Clough: "grow a cow" now that's an interesting choice of words
    Commander Chimaera: But not the drinking kind
    Vershawn: Alcohol abuse!
    Commander Chimaera: Spirits like ghosts! The kind that go OOoooOOooOOOoOOo
    Domanos: what kind of whiskey is this?
    Duke Nukum: hate that
    Commander Chimaera: No Domanos.... They were REAL! They scared the patrons away!
    Tamakon: is the stuff so bad it will kill you?
    Commander Chimaera: And all the patrons were as inebriated! They shouldn’t drink and ride a horse... Or gargoyles FLY!
    Vershawn: This sounds like my kind of whiskey
    Duke Nukum: you sure you were not drunk and in Ilshenar?
    Commander Chimaera: I nearly peed my armor leg pieces And this armor is tough to clean Anyway I called you here because I WANT YOU To help get rid of these whiskey hogging spirits
    Drakelord: let go
    Commander Chimaera: And then its nap time
    Kara: yes, lets get the party started!
    Duke Nukum: smiles
    Fisner: I like naps
    Commander Chimaera: *big smile*
    Pungatu: *tosses thermos of coffee to chim* drink on the road!
    Commander Chimaera: Alright you guys. Let's go kill some spirits! Then drink some whiskey
    Duke Nukum: horaaaah

    distilled spirits3.jpg distilled spirits3a.jpg

    Our first stop, of course, was the Distillery on northern Jhelom island. Evidence found in the area showed that something had indeed broken loose from the huge distillery tank, a trail of distilled whiskey was spotted leading south towards the main island. All along the way we came across several citizens of the land that had been there, all were scared but also drunk.

    distilled spirits4.jpg distilled spirits4a.jpg

    We continue to follow this trail, as it led us across the island, only to stop at the water’s edge, but our eagle eye Commander saw that they had once more jumped island, as before, so he opened a portal for us to follow that trail of whiskey. We continue this till finally, we were able to corner the Distilled Spirit on a sandy beach. The battle there will never be forgotten and I am sure many are nursing hangovers today.

    distilled spirits5.jpg distilled spirits5a.jpg

    distilled spirits6.jpg distilled spirits6a.jpg distilled spirits7.jpg

    Note: There was a very cute drop during the final battle. I did not learn as to how many, normal numbers in the past have been around 15. If you did not see the one at the War Room last night it will be on display at the Reward Hall in Malas.

    distilled spirits8.jpg
    Thus ends this report

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