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Whoa!! What Just Happened There? My First Trip Beyond The Britian Graveyard

The day I got introduced to the world of PVP
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  1. Just like a lot of us, that still enjoy the wonderful game that is Ultima Online, I started in the early days...long before training swordsmanship outside Luna Bank with a Golem was a "thing". So my story begins in the City of Britain on a character named Hear Dalis in a time when there was no Trammel on Felucca.

    I had just begun playing UO and I was enjoying simply running around the city and exploring what the NPC's had for sale. My character Hear Dalis was a Swordsman so after a couple of days of meeting players, learning my way around Britain, and getting killed by a bear near the Brit Stables I figured it was time to start building my character. During my exploration I had discovered the Brit Graveyard so I began training my skills there. Back in these days the Brit GY was a pretty happening place...so I met lots of people and learned of places I knew nothing about. One of the people I met at the Graveyard told me of a place to the North and through the mountains....a place with treasure...a place called Despise. So after a week or 2 of fighting Skeletons, Zombies and Spectres I decided it was time to venture beyond the Graveyard and go in search of this place of mystery and fortune.

    I packed my backpack with bandages, stopped by the blacksmith to hand my armor over for repairs, told a friend if I didn't come back by dark to come looking for me, and off I went into the pine forest North West of Britain. I passed a few houses, but soon I found the mountains. I did as instructed and followed the mountains till I found a pass though the mountains and then another pass until finally I discovered a big black hole in the mountain. I had never seen the entrance to a dungeon before, but I was sure this was it. I dropped into the dungeon and went down some steps and soon I was fighting a large extremely ugly monster known as a Ettin. I put up a good fight, but it wasn't long before I was searching for a rez....but I wasn't ready to give up so I went back in, but this time tried the other staircase and found lizardmen. The Lizardmen were not nearly as ugly or smelly as the Ettin nor were they as difficult to fight. So I spent the next couple of hours fighting my way though lizardman after lizardman until my bags were full of treasures.

    It was time to make my way back to Britain so that I could brag about my success and show off all my awesome loot. I began backtracking the route I had come originally and seeing landmarks I remembered, so I knew I was on the right path. Soon I ran into a fellow Britanian. He was riding a mount and from the looks was obviously more advanced a player than I. Being the friendly and worry-free player that I was I stopped and spoke to him, telling him of my victories in the dungeon nearby. He congratulated me and invited me to accompany him to his home. I had never been in a players house before so with excitement I accepted his offer. His house was one of the houses I passed on my way to Despise. I stepped on the front steps and went through the door...my new friend behind me. BAM!!!! Out of nowhere I got smacked in the back of the head with a mace. I turned and ran back through the door and out of the house. Out of nowhere another player popped out holding a long spear. He hit me immediately. I was making my break for it down the split in the trees that leads back to the graveyard.....they caught me before I could make it and with a couple more hits it was over....my screen was grey and I was singing the OoOoOoOo's. :rant2: I stood there in shock as they looted my body of the loot I had worked so hard for. Being the somewhat fresh player that I was, I had no idea that if you went into someones house then you turned grey to them. The guy pretended to be my friend long enough to get me to his house so that he could attack me. :gee: I had been fooled and my trip to Despise was much more exciting than I expected it would be. I returned to the city with nothing to show for myself, but a great story to tell at the Brit Blacksmith.

    At that time I was upset that I had lost all my stuff, but also very intrigued by this type of battle I had just discovered. A way for one live player to fight another live player. It turned me from the friendly graveyard fighter to PVP lumberjack/swordsman in training.
    16 years and over a couple thousand murder counts later I can say that this was my initiation into the world of Player vs Player combat. It was a day from my UO life that I will always remember.

    Hope you enjoyed my story. Feel free to leave feedback. If you enjoyed the story and want to hear my revenge story then please let me know. It isn't as exciting, but I will do my best to make a story out of it. My ICQ is in my signature if you want to send me a message. Read my Author info if you want to come by my house and visit. Thanks :)

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    About Author

    Hello. My name in real life is Jason and a lot of the characters I play are named Jason. Keeping it simple :). I have played UO for a very long time. I originally started playing on one of my friends brothers account. He let us each make a character on there to see what the game was about. Not long after I got my own account and I still play that account today. I started out playing on Atlantic, but ended up on Baja and that is where I spent most of my UO life. I spent most of my years in the guild Cartel from Baja. I still claim to be a member of Cartel even though I do not play with them today....most of us Old School Cartel members are not extremely active now, so I dont know many of the active people in the guild. My main shard these days is Atlantic.

    I returned from a long break back in December of 2014. I immediately found a guild to PVP with and went to Fel. It wasn't long that I got bored with PVP like I always do when I come back and I was considering quitting again. Luckily I found some other people to play with that were not into PVP and I started doing things in UO that I had never done before. I have always collected old clothing and armor, but I was never serious about it. Now this is my main focus in the game...Going to events, collecting event items, Rares, Old Clothing and Armor. I have a house just SE of Trinny Gate Tram that I have dedicated to displaying my collection. I am not a fan of the display cases so the first 3 houses are set up as different scenes and the things I have are scattered around in the scenes or on Mannequins that are involved in the scene. The first floor is a Pong/fishing scene, the Second floor is a Library/Coffee Shop Scene, and the Third floor is Park scene with some clutter scattered around...its still a work in progress as the whole house is.

    Hope you enjoy the little things I intend to write about. Please feel free to come by my house an visit anytime. Or find my ICQ in my sig and shoot me a ICQ. Thanks :)
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Kabraxis
    "That's what keeps me around!"
    I just got back in time. Memories like these is what keeps bringing me back to UO!
  2. Blackie
    "Oh the memories"
    PROS - Awesome Story
    CONS - None
    Very well written and very similar to my story. I explored town and, eager to get some out of town exploring done, I ran out of town to fight with an npc dagger. I ran from a troll and picked a fight with a bird and... I died to a chickadee!! but it was awesome, lol.

    No item decay, no lockdowns in houses, reds everywhere... just awesome fun. When you were out doing ANYTHING you were always hyper aware of your surroundings and had escape routes planned.

    I eventually created a mule character, and worked hard at it, to fund my fighting. I remember you could not lock down skills so, occasionally, a parry or meditation gain would knock you from GM smith to 99.9... and off you'd go to make 1000 more spears to get it back.... and it was awesome too!

    Looking forward to part 2
      Ramuh and whiterabbit like this.
  3. THP
    "Great Story"
    PROS - great story
    CONS - waits for part2
    Oh the memories....nice story takes me back and its spot on...

    waits for part 2...hehehheee