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Willow’s Bbq - Or How I Survived Food Poisoning!

By Drakelord, May 19, 2016 | |
  1. Willow’s BBQ - Or how I survived Food Poisoning!
    You see: Lauryn
    : Some of the latest news!
    : Happy 2nd Anniversary to EM Willow! Let's celebrate! Wednesday May 18th at 7PM/10PM

    Dezerai Theresa
    “A Party!”, is all I heard Dezerai going on about, so instead of sending Theresa I asked Dezerai to attend in her place. But when Dezerai returned from the tailor shop with her new dress and explained to me what she saw at the Luna Bank I was worried that Dezerai would not be able to handle this. So Theresa was sent, Theresa words, “Not to worry”. Ya right, what she do the minute she is there, get waylaid by an Ogre.
    ImageDL2.jpg ImageDL4.jpg
    Good thing there was a healer near by with a handy rezing she was able to return and retrieve her body after giving the BIG Ogre a glare that would peel the paint off a side of a barn.

    EM Willow: This way guys! I made tables!
    You see: EM Willow
    EM Willow: Please everyone have a seat
    EM Willow: We have some BBQ and some wine and a couple of Ogres to kill
    EM Willow: Couple of things first. The guard report books are a lot of fun to read, I am enjoying your role playing, I want to bring up one thing though, Anyone trying to tell me how good or bad I am doing as an EM your book goes in the trash. I am also not a voice between you and Mesanna so if you want to give her a msg just email her. She would rather you email her directly than go through me. I am going to start red leafing and locking down the guard reports here at the guard hall so you all can see what each of you are handing in. This will help everyone. Don’t forget we are a team here on Sonoma. I'm enjoying my job here, I love your feedback and you can always email me feedback
    EM Willow: Play some music! Lets dance and party! Let's go a little North and we can kill a Crimson!

    There was one hell of a spread on the tables at the party, but Theresa had little time to sample any of the dishes as a HUGE Crimson was summoned. Maybe that was a good thing as others had taken food from the table. When next we hear Willow shouting!!
    ImageDL10.jpg ImageDL12.jpg
    EM Willow: oh no someone feels sick! halp OH NO PERHAPS THE FOOD WAS BAD! Oh Dear! People are getting sick! Hope the food wasn’t going bad! OH NO!! NOBODY EAT ANYTHING ELSE! OH NO!! NOBODY EAT ANYTHING ELSE! The food has turned! Oh DEAR! People are getting SICKER AND SICKER!!! Oh my Goodness Everyone is SO SICK OH DEAR NOT HEARTBURN! OH NO IT'S ECOLI. Oh My Goodness! It seems as though food poisoning has crashed my party :( I am so sorry that everyone got so ill! I will go get us some pepto be right back! Anyone need immodium too? I will be right back Everyone meet me at the edge of the grass. Over here!
    ImageDL14.jpg ImageDL16.jpg
    EM Willow: Oh NO! Oh NO! Oh NO!
    Her cries alert everyone that we were in trouble, and for a while there it looked as if we were going to lose this battle. The two Ogres were a big pain while trying to fight the Food Poisoning, but after a while we finally were able to get a handle on that and manage to more or less return to normal around us.

    EM Willow: Happy 2 year anniversary Sonoma!
    To you as well EM Willow, Happy Anniversary. There was a drop tonight. Only those that were in the fight would have received one. Theresa was to busy healing and rezing the fallen around her. She never knew there was a drop till she saw the deer at the table.

    EM Willow: This will be the last big number drop for a while folks since I had two in a row
    Thus ends this report
    Drakelord 5-18-16

    A last word of advice, carry fish steaks with you to any of Willow’s BBQ, or make sure that Queen Mum Caters.

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