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Winter Holiday Deco Tour

By Drakelord, Jan 3, 2017 | |
  1. Winter Holiday Deco Tour

    Yesterday evening was the Winter Holiday Deco Tour. A lot of you missed it, but no worries I did take a few screen shots for several folks to steal (borrow) deco ideas

    Queen Mum: join us for the Winter Holiday Deco Tour starting in a couple minutes ... meet at Luna stables :)

    Cinderella: anyone for the deco tour
    Briar Rose: Holiday Deco Tour leaving from Luna Stables
    Tadita LaCrown: deco tour luna stable bus leaving shortly

    Tour only
    PAS House.jpg

    Queen Mum: the first one is the PAS house, theirs is just for viewing :) PAS had their annual Santa visit up here, many people enjoyed the air of celebration and merriment, they do this every year to share their love and gratitude for one another and Santa brings them lots of prezzies and wishes each one a Happy New Year. Personally I enjoy coming to this annual celebration of friendship

    Briar Rose: Queen Mum decorated for the party
    Queen Mum: I think this was their 8th year
    Briar Rose: she does a new design every year and they are always wonderful and greatly appreciated
    Queen Mum: *laughs* well I try
    Cinderella: very beautiful
    Briar Rose: by all of us in the PAS Alliance
    Queen Mum: it is the time when I know the season of giving has arrived :)

    Queen Mum: okay next up is North Pole auxiliary

    Winner 15 million
    North Pole auxiliary1.jpg North Pole auxiliary2.jpg North Pole auxiliary3.jpg North Pole auxiliary4.jpg
    Tadita LaCrown: say Hello, Santa, List? to our Town Crier
    Tadita LaCrown: Hello
    Caroline: Welcome to the North Pole Auxiliary Emergency Stop -1
    Tadita LaCrown: Santa
    Caroline: I hear he is checking his list again
    Tadita LaCrown: List?
    Caroline: I hope I am on the Good List

    Queen Mum: oh my gosh I love Mrs Claus!
    Tadita LaCrown: thank you, say Merry Christmas to her
    Tadita LaCrown: Hail
    Etta: Welcome to the North Pole auxiliary Stop no-1
    Tadita LaCrown: Came for the tour
    Etta: Feel free to look around
    Tadita LaCrown: But it looks like you have a mess
    Etta: Stay out of the way of the Hazmat Team during the clean up!
    Amethyst: nice ideas
    Tadita LaCrown: they fixing the roof up there Joyce do not fall in.
    Tadita LaCrown: thank you, my friend has the other house SE of here
    Queen Mum: did you see the sign about Santa making a list LOL
    Katrina: lol yea
    Queen Mum: cute idea
    Katrina: mhmm love it
    Queen Mum: very JOLLY!!!
    Tadita LaCrown: #2 is SE
    Amethyst: 2 great one our of 2 so far
    Queen Mum: and of course I just had to shop :p
    Tadita LaCrown: Reindeer station
    Helen: me too, nice flaming crescent I bought me
    Tadita LaCrown: just the deer and snow for our joint effort
    Queen Mum: :) looks like a waiting station for Rudolph and friends :)
    well of course they have to have their own space :)
    Tadita LaCrown: it take a lot of caretakers to care for reindeer
    Queen Mum: they do eat a lot
    Queen Mum: lol
    Queen Mum: I find they like candy canes the most
    Tadita LaCrown: yep heheh

    Tour Only
    Helen.jpg Helen1.jpg

    Tadita LaCrown: wow I love the window
    Queen Mum: so festive!
    Tadita LaCrown: its a snowman meeting
    Queen Mum: oh I love the candles with snowdrops!!
    Briar Rose: me too was just admiring that

    25 Million winner Brig Din Em Fel Castle
    Brig Din Em Fel Castle.jpg Brig Din Em Fel Castle1.jpg Brig Din Em Fel Castle2.jpg

    Brig Din Em: Qmum ya gotta check upstairs just to see the coach
    Briar Rose: Queen Mum, did you find the roof?
    Queen Mum: looking for it now, OH MY COOKIE HEAVENS!
    Tadita LaCrown: I think Mum love it
    Queen Mum: only Brig could bring in a connection of dead and holidays together lol
    Katrina: when she adds cookies in her words that's a huge yeah she likes it

    15 million winner North Pole INC
    North Pole INC .jpg North Pole INC 1.jpg North Pole INC 2.jpg

    Cinderella: say merry Christmas
    Amethyst: merry Christmas
    Queen Mum: Merry Christmas, oh I got a prezzie :)
    Helen: Someone must drink a lot of coffee
    Queen Mum: I was thinking the same thing ... we have found our coffee IV plant :p
    Helen: for sure
    Queen Mum: factory for coffee!! sign me up :)
    Queen Mum: my goodness it looks so big up here, the garden shed looks small
    Cinderella: looks tiny
    Queen Mum: each one of these tiles you made?
    Cinderella: yep and dyed with white natural dye
    Queen Mum: amazing work .. looks like it should come this way, how did I get up here LOL, awesome that you got the special colored snowfluff trees too

    Tour only Katrina Castle
    Katrina Castle.jpg Katrina Castle1.jpg
    Always save the best for last I say and WOW! Katrina Castle in Love Grove (Trammel) was by far the best overall. If you have not taken a close look at her work and (borrow) any ideas for your home you are not into deco.

    Thus ends this report. If you seek runes to any of the above locations contact Queen Mum, or the home owners.

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