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Women Rule At The Governor’s Meeting 7-10-16

By Drakelord, Jul 11, 2016 | |
  1. Women rule at the Governor’s Meeting 7-10-16
    Roll Call:
    HRM Blackthorn
    Governor of Britain, Lady Queen Mum
    Governor of Moonglow, Lady Dezerai
    Governor of Trinsic, Lady April Showers
    Governor of Vesper, Lady Lavendar

    Governor of Jhelom, Lord Galahad.
    Governor of New Magincia, Lord Magrathea

    Cities Pending King’s Choice
    Skara Brae

    You see: King Blackthorn
    April Showers: *waves to Lavendar*
    Dezerai: I honor thee
    April Showers: Greetings
    Dezerai: Hail
    King Blackthorn: This will be an important meeting!
    King Blackthorn: Please be seated so we can get started
    Queen Mum: *smiles* at Lavendar
    Lavendar: *smiles*
    King Blackthorn: Very good! It seems as though the women rule this term!

    Dezerai: *smiles*
    King Blackthorn: *chuckles mostly to himself*
    Lavendar: *grins*
    Queen Mum: *giggles* they always do
    You are simply too full to eat any more!
    King Blackthorn: Indeed Queen M
    King Blackthorn: Indeed
    King Blackthorn: *laughs*
    King Blackthorn: Lavendar! I am pleased to see you were reelected

    Lavendar: Thank you very much, Your Majesty
    Lavendar: I am honored to be here.
    King Blackthorn: How does Vesper fair?
    Lavendar: All is well in the city of Vesper, Your Majesty.
    Lavendar: And we would like
    Lavendar: to hold a summer event for the shard
    Lavendar: I wanted to announce it tonight if I may
    King Blackthorn: Good! I believe the citizens will need some recreation!
    Lavendar: Just a net toss at Bucs Den
    Lavendar: next Sunday at 8PM Central
    Lavendar: all are welcome
    Lavendar: We will have white nets to hopefully summon the Scalis monster.

    King Blackthorn: Very good! I am sure the other governors will inform their citizens
    King Blackthorn: Is there anything else of note in Vesper?

    Lavendar: Not at this time, Your Highness.
    Lavendar: Thank you.
    King Blackthorn: Very good

    King Blackthorn: Dezerai welcome to the table tell us about Moonglow
    Dezerai: All is well in Moonglow Sire, trade has got back to normal once the problem with the bots was
    Dezerai: dealt with, still worry me
    Dezerai: about them'

    King Blackthorn: Yes
    King Blackthorn: Robots
    King Blackthorn: *shakes head*
    King Blackthorn: we will discuss that matter shortly
    King Blackthorn: I do hope you keep an eye on Moonglow. So much magic there!

    Dezerai: yes sire
    King Blackthorn: And April Showers how is Trinsic? I hear so far they have avoided the robot... infestation?
    April Showers: I have made several rounds and have yet to find any creatures that do not belong
    April Showers: although, we do need some excitement
    King Blackthorn: That is good news. Let us hope the kind of excitement is found in other ways
    April Showers: *chuckles*
    King Blackthorn: *mutters something about robots under his breath*
    Dezerai: being closed in behind those high wall does make it hard to get just that

    King Blackthorn: Governor Queen Mum! So many titles. How is our capital city?
    Queen Mum: we do have some Zento deliveries piling up at the main bank
    King Blackthorn: *smells the sweet smell of freshly baked cookies lingering around the governor*
    Queen Mum: *smiles* just did some baking
    King Blackthorn: Hopefully the trade with Zento will get back on a regular schedule now that their moongate
    King Blackthorn: is clear
    King Blackthorn: Which brings me to an important point
    King Blackthorn: I have ordered Commander Cameron to start an investigation
    King Blackthorn: As far as we know the robots are just that. Machines
    King Blackthorn: If anything we need to find out how they are controlled
    King Blackthorn: or by whom
    Dezerai: *nods*
    Queen Mum: aye
    King Blackthorn: I have here that next week we have a dungeon cleanup scheduled
    King Blackthorn: In the mean time please question citizens
    King Blackthorn: Ask them if they have seen or heard anything
    Queen Mum: will do!
    King Blackthorn: And find out if anyone remembers that blasted tinker's name from Minoc!
    King Blackthorn: *shuffles through papers*
    King Blackthorn: I have scribes going through guard reports
    King Blackthorn: I am going to post guards in every city that has seen any type of robot activity
    King Blackthorn: Governors please look after them and if they need help please send out the call for any
    King Blackthorn: available guards

    Queen Mum: *nods* good move Sire
    Dezerai: yes sir
    Lavendar: Yes, Sire.
    King Blackthorn: If we find any roaming anamatrons they are to be stopped
    King Blackthorn: In the mean time we must investigate

    Lavendar: We did stop one invasion into Vesper
    Lavendar: but it was hard going.
    King Blackthorn: Yes I see here they were at the North bridge going into the city
    Dezerai: from the Minoc Moongate
    Lavendar: Aye. Many came to help repel the invaders.
    King Blackthorn: Thing is they are not humanoid
    King Blackthorn: so they cannot "want"
    King Blackthorn: right?
    King Blackthorn: They must be programmed
    King Blackthorn: or
    King Blackthorn: something
    King Blackthorn: I heard there was one that spoke
    King Blackthorn: In Zento
    You see: decorative carpet
    King Blackthorn: but from what I am reading it didn't make a whole lot of sense
    King Blackthorn: So we should be investigating not only who controls them but WHY and what do they want?
    King Blackthorn: So many questions and no answers
    King Blackthorn: *grumbles*
    Dezerai: *looks through her message and notes*
    King Blackthorn: Does anyone have anything to report on this matter? Anything I should know?
    Dezerai: Sire I believe the tinker name was Renold
    King Blackthorn: Renold!
    King Blackthorn: Good job
    King Blackthorn: *writes it down*
    King Blackthorn: As the Minoc governor is not here I will send a group on Wednesday before the dungeon crawl

    Dezerai: Yes My kin spoke with this person during the Minoc battle
    King Blackthorn: Good that will be helpful
    King Blackthorn: I will have him brought to the castle for questioning
    Dezerai: she made sure to take note of his name and only to glad to let me know
    King Blackthorn: Renold.
    King Blackthorn: Excellent work.
    Dezerai: I shall let her know
    King Blackthorn: That saves me from having to sort through pages of reports
    King Blackthorn: We will hold Renold here in the dungeon for questioning.
    Dezerai: *smiles*
    King Blackthorn: I will have the guard pick him up at the next meeting.
    Dezerai: *nods*
    King Blackthorn: Is there anything else on this subject Governors?
    King Blackthorn: Very well
    King Blackthorn: Any new business?
    Queen Mum: Nay for Britain
    Dezerai: would be helpful if the town criers spoke of the net tossing next week in a few days?
    Lavendar: Oh, aye.
    Lavendar: I don't know how many will know about it.
    Dezerai: that way all the citizens of the land
    King Blackthorn: I will look into that and see what I can do
    Dezerai: could hear of it
    Lavendar: Thank you very much, Your Highness.
    Dezerai: thank you sire
    King Blackthorn: Very good
    King Blackthorn: Thank you all for doing such fine jobs in your cities.
    King Blackthorn: No news is good news
    Queen Mum: *very true*
    King Blackthorn: The safety of the realm is of utmost importance
    Dezerai: As Uncle would say, "we aim to please"
    King Blackthorn: *chuckles*
    King Blackthorn: If there is nothing else I will dismiss the meeting and let you get back to business
    Dezerai: one last question sire
    Queen Mum: *have to refresh ships* :)
    King Blackthorn: Yes Dezerai
    Dezerai: the vacant seats here tonight? if we hear of word of someone asking
    Dezerai: about that posting
    Dezerai: may we forward them to you?
    King Blackthorn: Yes if there are empty seats available or if a governor has been absent please have them contact
    King Blackthorn: me and I will look into it
    Dezerai: Thank you Sire
    King Blackthorn: I am happy my kingdom is strong! Let's keep it that way!
    April Showers: :)
    King Blackthorn: Governor Queen don't let those ships sink!
    King Blackthorn: Lady Lavendar enjoy your net toss
    Queen Mum: oh no they guard our Britain shores
    Lavendar: Thank you, Sire!
    King Blackthorn: Take care of your cities! I will see you again I am sure!
    Queen Mum: Stay safe Sire
    Dezerai: as always Sire
    King Blackthorn: Safe travels thank you all

    She turns to Lady Lavendar.
    Dezerai: shall we speak about next week ?
    Dezerai: I love to help
    Lavendar, Oh yes Thank you!

    Side by side they walk each speaking about the net toss till they exit the Castle.

    Thus ends this report.

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