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Ziggy The Imp Does It Again...a Reindeer Rescue

By Larisa, Dec 15, 2018 | |
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  1. Well...Ziggy is at it again....as all Imps will...Ziggy loves to get into trouble...this time though, he got into a bit more then he could handle and asked the citizens of Origin to help him.

    Santa thought that his sleigh and reindeer would be safe at the stables in Britain....


    little did he know that Ziggy likes to play with other peoples things! Santa's special reindeer is very pretty and sparkly and Ziggy LOVES pretty things...he also loves fishing! So he decided to take Santa's special Reindeer fishing with him....and being a semi-smart Imp, he took the Reindeer Herder with him...just to keep Santa's special reindeer safe.....

    We went to the stables to find out EXACTLY what had happened...the guard had this to say:

    Santa's special reindeer is missing! Ziggy took him fishing along with the reindeer herder...only Ziggy returned...claiming that some strange colored giant orc kidnapped them saying something about an orc bass ransom...help Ziggy return the bass before Santa gets word and adds us all to the naughy list!

    WELL...we sure don't want to be on Santa's naughty list! So off to the Orc Caves we went...and found the reindeer herder and Santa's special pet locked in a cage.

    I am in so much trouble for letting them take Santa's Special Reindeer! The herder said...Please help in securing our release...I will tell Santa how nice you all were...if not...well you have heard about the naughty list...~sly grin~

    After fighting off many large orcs, we found the one large strange colored orc that Ziggy had mentioned...
    A healing potion it will need, as he drank from the rancid waterfall...that imp of yours thinks he can fish at any body of water he sees...next time he should pay attentioni to such things as glowing water! Tell that Ziggy to return the fish or else we let it die! As an added treat you can take that ugly elf thing too...~burps green gas~

    We finally convinced Ziggy to return the fish and secured the release of Santa's Reindeer and Herder...safely returning them to the stables and saving us from being put on the naughty list! (Though some of us might LIKE to be put on that list! ;) )

    Hopefully Ziggy has learned his lesson....but we all know that it's just a matter of time before he calls upon us again to help him out of yet another mess...

    Until next time Ziggy!

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    Serving Stratics for over 10 years, Reporter for the Origin Shard and keeper of secrets.
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