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Zombie Rabbits Raid Fields

As if the undead in Skara Brae weren't bad enough, now Skara rangers faced zombie rabbits raiding their fields. After fighting our way through...
By Tamais, Sep 30, 2017 | |
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  1. We meet Harriet at the EM Hall. I had so many questions...how was the King, can we win the battle against the titans. Seeing Harriet's look did not reassure me.

    "Hail." Sphinkter replied

    "Hi," Ronan said

    "Greetings." Harriet said solemnly. "So much is happening!!

    "Harriet how fares the king?" I questioned. I saw his fall and it didn't look good."

    Harriet shook her head. "Word from the royal healers has been bleak. Our King has been drained."

    I frowned in thought. I had heard of a woman with a strange healing magic. "Do they need a different magic?"


    "Our cities have been under attack by multiple forces of titans." Harriet explained. "Titans we haven't seen before.

    I shuddered remembering my encounters with Hydros, Stratos and their leagues of minions. The hall filled with shouting as people recounted their battles.

    Harriet stood quietly waiting for our attention. "I have word that we are needed in Skara Brae." She held up a parchment. "We are to meet a young lady named Michaela there. She is the daughter of a very well beloved farmer."

    "Holy Molly," Kristen exclaimed.

    I wrote the name down. "Do we know where she is in Skara?"

    "No," Harriet replied. "I think we should go quickly and see if we can find her and see what she says."

    "Lead on!" Lord Demoss shouted.

    We hurried outside. Knowing that Skara might be under attack, people prepared for battle. "I will gate us to Skara Brae." Harriet opened a gate.

    Stepping through I was greeted by skeleton warriors. "EEEK, undead everywhere." I cried out before quickly hiding.

    "Oh Dear!!" Harriet gasped, "Everyone proceed carefully the city is under attack!!"

    I began to sneak around the town. Everywhere our group was fighting.

    A healer, Jarrod, was calling for the guards while beating on a cultist.

    Before long Epona and Zippy Bubblelips sent word that Micheala was at the docks and needed our help.

    I passed Harriet as she was shouting to people "Harriet is on the docks!!"

    At the docks, Harriet found Michaela surrounded by undead. "Perhaps we could just clear this area." she suggested.

    I nodded and left to gather our forces. "Regroup at the docks. We must protect Michaela." I shouted at people as I ran by them.
    I could hear Harriet calling, "Please everyone come to the docks!"

    Once everyone had arrived, we were able to clear the area. Harriet was finally able to talk to Michaela.

    "Michaela you said you needed help dear?" Harriet asked.

    "Oh yes please! Something strange is going on across the ferry!" Michaela answered.

    "Strange in what way darling?" Harriet coaxed.

    "Yes there are...creatures attacking." Michaela explained.

    "What kind of creatures?" Harriet asked.​


    "Please, go carefully, they seem to spring up out of thin air!" Michaela cautioned.

    "Dead?" Harriet repeated. "I guess we need to go check the mainland." Harriet went to the ferry to cross.

    "Not good, not good," I muttered following her.

    The ferry ride was way too short. Stepping on to the dock I wasn't surprised to find undead waiting. "And there are the undead." I sighed and began casting spells.
    As we beat the undead toward the ranger's fields, a fierce storm approached. It's thunder heralding the arrival of skeletal lichs.


    7.jpg 8.jpg

    We found ourselves at the small carrot patches. I could see strange Primordial Ooze dotting the fields. Stepping on one by accident, I found they were very poisonous and quick to attack.

    I saw Harriet looking down at something and went to join here.
    "There is a strange tear in time here." she pointed to a large hole.
    "Advance carefully." Harriet told me as I moved to look. How did she know I wanted to touch it?

    Just as I reached it a ghostly white squirrel jumped out of it and ran off...a zombie Squirrels!!
    13.jpg 14.jpg
    Watching the rift, I wondered...could you be turned into a zombie if bit by those squirrels?
    Looking at the Greater Dragons, I shuddered. Zombie Greater Dragons...the King's mages need one to study just incase. "Carefully I put down a trap.
    A heavy downpour started turning the fields into bloody mud while squirrel after squirrel jumped out of the rift. They were soon joined by more skeletal lichs, Undead Priestess, and undead fowl.


    17.jpg 18.jpg

    The sky grew darker. Through the sheets of rain, I saw a dark figure rush out of the gate. When it got closer, I saw that it was a Walking Dead Daemon with its pets, undead dragonkin. As if regular daemons weren't bad enough.


    20.jpg 22.jpg


    A bolt of lighting blinded me. When I could see again. I found myself facing an An Undead Daemon, "Pathetic mortals! Behold my power, weaklings.


    24.jpg 25.jpg

    26.jpg 27.jpg


    Though we had many deaths at last she was defeated. As she fell, the tear in time snapped closed. After healing and rezzing our dead, we gathered around Harriet.

    "Shall we head to Skara and clear out the invasion? she asked.
    Shouts filled to air. "To Skara!"

    Harriet smiled. " Lets go clear out Skara Now!"

    I was exhausted when I started to Ye Olde Winery in Yew. On the way I met a friend, Gwynne. I couldn't help but notice the strange robe she was wearing. "Where did you get that?

    She frowned. "I'm not sure. After the battle I found it in my pack. Do you think it is safe to wear?"

    "Hum, I don't know if I would take the chance. Perhaps it's magic will turn you into a zombie." I said studing it carefully.


    While she went to put it away, I ordered a pitcher of wine. After that battle we had earned it.

    Tonight's drop...and now it won't turn you into a zombie.


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