Day: October 23, 2008

Live Dev Blog On Speed Balancing

By Speranza CCP Wrangler writes: “Live Dev Blogs are back and first out is one about speed balancing! Greyscale and Fendahl will be prepared to answer your every question in this area and as always the Live Dev Blog will...

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EVE Review @ Game Industry News

By Al-Maroc Game Industry News has published a review of EVE Online, giving it a high 4.5 rating: Eve Online is simply the best online space game you have probably never played. I was shocked to find such a huge and well...

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Live DevBlog Today

By Speranza CCP t0rififrans will be giving us a live DevBlog today at 2000GMT. This DevBlog will feature CCP t0rififrans who started as Lead 3D Artist but is now the Senior Producer for EVE Online. He will also be answering...

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Salvager Guide

Originally by Speranza When ever a new pod pilot comes to me curious about how to make his fortune I usually send them in two directions. The first one is the official forums but that tends to be dry boring and patrolled by...

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