Month: October 2009

For all you number crunchers

There’s a tool out there called CStats that parses your combat log and allows you to calculate how much damage you’re doing.  Lots of you may already know about it, but I just saw on the forums there’s a beta teaser (upcoming...

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Dev Diary – Skirmish Rewards

Latest dev diary from Zombie Columbus (ZC) is up with the highly anticipated rewards information on the skirmishes.  First all the info, then my thoughts at the end. Monster Loot Only end boss will drop coins (silver) and in...

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Fall Festival Fun

So I decided to have some fun and pick up some of the festival items and work towards the Jig on my warden – she has all the other dances, so figured I’d complete the set.  I didn’t go full out, but enough to get the pumpkin...

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