My time in-game has dropped a bit as real-world issues have popped up.  Nothing drastic, just work getting busier.  I realized today I was rusty when fighting the Bounty drake (ashamed to post the video of that nasty fight) so I definitely need to get more practice in.  I haven’t been around to get into any of our static raid groups of yet, but I’m not terribly worried about that at the moment.  I’m just missing the helm from the watcher and will have plenty of time to get DN gear before the next raid kicks off.  Plus I’m guessing they’ll do a similar path for the new raid as they did with DN in that the 3 and 6 man instances will provide another path for the required radiance gear.

I did end up finishing off books 12 and 13 of Volume 1 so that was pretty exciting – only 2 more to go for my pretty horse!!

And I’ve been working to get zeal up to a respectable rank, just need 2 more to max that out and 1 more loyalty to finish off my virtues for now.

Oh, and I finally got my tier 8 relic I was looking for!  The one with 150 morale, 150 power, and –2.5% incoming melee mitigation!!