ZC posts the wrap up on his phenomenal series of diaries on the skirmish system.  Basically it is a good summary of the system and some shout-outs to those who made it possible.  I do especially like these diaries that give us the behind the scenes look as it helps us all better understand the process.  Working through this system during beta I can certainly echo ZC’s comments on the rest of the dev team with a particular nod to JWBarry who was a very vocal developer who did a great job of communicating the new stuff and what they needed us testers to do.

There’s also a little Q&A on the second page with a couple good points brought up.  The first was regarding that some things worked differently in beta and in some cases that was done on purpose such that they could be tested out before scaling to the final values.  Makes sense to me, but then again I might have a bit of a different take on beta’s then some.  Also ZC mentions that most of the “good” drops will be for the entire group while in a skirmish such that there’s no need to roll on drops.  There will be some single item drops but that sounds more like an exception then the rule.

Take a look at the diary over on the LOTRO forums.