So in addition to my normal updates and videos I am working on a couple items that I wanted to solicit some feedback for.

The first one I’m fairly far along with is a compilation of info on the new Mirkwood instances – but I haven’t run them all so if anyone has good thoughts, ideas, links, etc. I’d be appreciative.  There’s already a bunch of into on the forums but sadly the forums tend to get a tad messy over time.

The other post I’ve working on is titled “You’re doing it wrong” and I’m really looking to help everyone out in their PUG (or LFF) experiences with this one.  If you’ve ever PUG’d before I can pretty confidently say you’ll have suggestions for this topic 😉  Basically I’m looking for either general or class specific things that people do that drive you batty.  I totally mean this in a way to help folks – I’m looking at this as the “this is what we expect people to do,” not the player bashing angle.  As an example (and this happened this morning running Sword Halls), I can’t stand it when captains don’t use muster courage to cure my fears.  In any instance I run on my captain (that has fear issues) I literally cast that skill every time it is up as it not only cures fears but also boosts fear resists.

I’m looking to put these posts out early next week – so any thoughts or ideas please send them along.  And ya’ll can figure out which way to reach me works best for you 😉