I found this on the forums and thought I’d share it – a pretty interesting graph showing the dev posts not only broken out per developer but also per month.  This just shows the data for 2009 (2008 is further down) but it is interesting to not only see who posts, but also have those broken out by class as well.  Other then captains and minnies, there’s about 1 dev post per month on each class forum which I think is pretty decent considering they’re also talking about classes on other boards too.  And it is nice to see that Wardens are the most loved class 🙂

I look at this as a positive sign that they do respond and post on the forums even though we’ve heard from Sapience, Patience, and Orion that they’re not obligated to post.  Remember, this also doesn’t include things like My.Lotro blogs!

Oh and this wasn’t a planned additional post, I wanted to split it off from the previous one for a more accurate title.  Just in case ya’ll are counting my posts for the day 😉