So this information came out last week but I wanted to toss it out to give my take on it.  I saw the notice on both the live boards as well as over on pointing to a PAX East interview with Adam Mersky their Director of Communication.  I’m not sure if he was supposed to say this, but he essentially confirms the speculation that we’re headed to Enedwaith next on our way to Isengard which would make a nice smooth segue over to Rohan for an expansion.  This forum post has some good pictures highlighting where this area is, but essentially is is the area south of Eregion and south-east of Eriador.

Based on how Volume 3 starts off, this makes sense as we would then lead the rangers down the North-south road and on to meet Aragorn in Rohan.

However, the problem that I have with this path is that it seems to take us on a course to collide with the armies of Isengard which seems a bit too early in the storyline.  We’re only just beginning the Two Towers and unless we’re going to miss the whole Helm’s Deep action (which would suck) I’m a little confused.  Maybe the explanation is that if we’re just leading the Rangers we could be sneaky and slip by Isengard to join up in Rohan  This would then allow us to provide intel for Rohan and what’s transpiring in areas the “Fellowship” doesn’t have visibility to.

I guess this path seems the most likely but I’m just struggling with how they’ll deal with Isengard.  Couple with that a lack of knowledge of Rangers’ story (I did find some information on Wikipedia but not much) and there just seems to be many options available to Turbine – which is a good thing for us, but annoying since they’re not talking about it :).  I guess I should’ve had the CStM folks ask the Tolkien Professor about the Grey Company.