So I wanted to put up a quick post talking about a couple other games I’m playing, not all that much but from time to time when I can’t find groups in LOTRO.

First up, thanks to @Longasc’s referral, I’m playing Star Trek Online (STO).  I haven’t decided if I’m going to subscribe yet as I honestly haven’t spent that much time in-game.  However, from what I’ve seen I did really like as I’m been looking for a more twitch based space game then Eve-Online.  I do think my perfect game would be a blend of the two, but we shall see how I feel as I get more STO under my belt.  The space combat is almost overwhelming as there’s so much pretty stuff to look at that I have to remember that things are shooting at me and I need to respond to that 🙂  The ground combat isn’t all that exciting, but when your focus is on space I can deal with something not quite up to what I’d get from LOTRO.  I definitely need to get in there some more and check things out but so far I’m sufficiently intrigued.

The other game I started was one I had forgotten about until listening to the last episode of “Shut up, we’re talking,” which is Tiger Wood Online. I’ve always been a big fan of EA’s sports games but not necessarily a fan of the buying the new version every year to get new stats and not much new gameplay, so the idea of a free-to-play web based version was very exciting.  You can pay a monthly subscription which allows you access to all the courses, where as the free version limits you to a couple at a time with I believe a weekly refresh.  There’s also a cash shop with typical golf pro shop items in it which can change your look and boost your stats.  As much as I’d like to customize my golfer, I’m trying to calm the addiction a bit, and just deal with the free option for now.  As you play your golfer gets experience and levels up, while also getting cash rewards which can be used to buff your stats.  I’m still having issues with things like putting and in-between club shots but am scoring consistently below par, which is mainly due to this game playing much like the stand-alone versions.  So far, I’ve just been checking out the single-player and tournament options but there are multi-player options and more coming from what I’ve seen so far.  There’s also a social option of sponsoring people which I haven’t completely figured out yet.  So, if anyone out there is playing TWO and can explain that would be great.

I don’t expect either of these to be full-time games, but they’re great fill-ins for when I don’t have lots of time, patch days, or times when I’m just not in the LOTRO kind of mood.

More LOTRO later, as hopefully I’m raiding this week and will get some updates from how that goes.