I’ve been on a bit of a vacation for the past couple of weeks, so that’s why I’ve been more quiet then usual, but sadly it is back to my normal schedule.  Today actually marks the 1st Anniversary of my very first post so I figured I’d look back a bit as well as share a bit about what I plan going forward.  I mentioned a bit of this on my “Moving Day” post so I’ll try not to be repetitive.

Over the past year, I’ve had 317 posts with my most popular ones being my armor set posts (Warden Set, and Beta Snaps) which when combined do eclipse my Lua Scripting, but for single posts the Lua Scripting certainly was the most popular.  I also get quite a bit of interest in my Festival posts, but that could just be that I get pictures up quickly 🙂  I do pay attention to what folks seem to like, but I also focus on writing things that I enjoy, so I’m pretty sure that won’t change.

Looking forward I will continue to keep my Armor set posts up to date as well as the end-game gear data.  I will also be tweaking my site to try and make these various aspects more accessible, including a Warden 101 section.  The Lua Scripting is something I’m certainly interested in, but I’m not sure I’ll have time to do much coding, so I’ll probably mainly be commenting on what others do.

Outside of my stuff here, I will continue to dabble in the various LOTRO Podcasts as invited and contemplate starting my own.  But since I have a hard enough time keeping this blog and my LOTRO Reporter articles on a pace that I am happy with, I may just rely on the others to do the hard work for me 😉

The other thing going forward is that I’m pretty sure my Champion will at least be my 3rd toon, if not 2nd so you will see much more about her, including an armor set post.

Other than that, it has been a fun year I’m more excited about LOTRO then I have been since Moria launched as I think F2P will be a huge boost in all aspects for the community.

Big thanks to everyone for all the support and here’s to another fun year in LOTRO!