You may have read my posts on the Warden class over on LOTRO Reporter and I will be expanding my presence on their site to include the Champion class.  Granted I’m still 32, but I will admit she’s going to go pretty quick to the end game.

In addition to that, I’ve mentioned Star Wars the Old Republic a few times on this blog but will continuing my posting on that topic over on the TOR Reporter.  I have a couple posts up there already and will be continuing to put out various speculation posts and such since we’re still a ways off from launch.

If you’re interested in either of those topics, keep an eye on those sites and if you’re on twitter follow LOTRO Reporter and/or TOR Reporter.

I plan to keep this site mainly focused on LOTRO unless my gameplay shifts significantly when TOR launches, so it you want my take on TOR, unless it is huge news, you’ll find it over on TOR Reporter.