Clover today posted an update from Budgeford on the new Ered Luin revamp coming with the patch in November.  I’m really quite happy that Turbine is taking the time to go back and revisit some of the original content.  This is actually the second revamp of this area, but after the success of the Archet starter zone I think Ered Luin needed some help to keep pace.

Budgeford walks through not only the reasoning behind the change but walks through the whole process she and the team went through to redesign not on the quests but the aesthetics of the region as well.  There’s some really nice screen shots of the new area as well as the textures applied to the dwarves.

One of the most intriguing parts for me was the better integration of the two storylines between the elves and dwarves as they share the same zone.  I always had a hard time figuring things out and am quite pleased that those are now much better connected.

And finally, I will end up rolling a new elf once this hits live as I’ve got to try out this new instance they’ve added which is “one of the most exciting dungeons in the game.”