The next batch of sales are up on the LOTRO store as well as some confirmation on when a very nice sale ends.

All Virtues and Stat tomes are 50% off, but this sale ends November 31st!

The rest of the sale items are valid until December 2nd.

  • Select Quest packs are 20% off including:
    • Angmar
    • Enedwaith
    • Eregion
    • Evendim
    • Forochel
    • Misty Mountains
    • North Downs
    • Trollshaws
  • Defense Buffs are 20% off
    • These are only temporary buffs
  • All Food items are 20% off
  • Journeyman Crafting Tools are 20% off
  • Select Clothing is 20% off

For me, the virtues and stat tomes are still great deals as are the quest packs.  The others I’m not as excited about, although if there was some cosmetic that catches your eye saving is always nice.

On the EU side of the pond, their sale is slightly different and it ends on the 25th of November:

  • 50% off Virtues
  • 20% off Shared Wardrobe space
  • Lone lands for 50 points
    • might as well wait for the November patch as it will be free
  • 20% off Rouse Spirit Tome
    • removes dread after defeat
  • 20% off Hope Buffs
  • 20% off Apprentice Crafting Tools

Certainly the virtue sale is nice, and if your wardrobe is full like mine that is another nice option as well.  The others aren’t terribly exciting though.