The December Producers Letter is out, some interesting things are brought up. If you haven’t read it yet please check it out at

From looking over it there are several nuggets of information that are especially notable.

Epic story line content: Moria and Mirkwood epic story quests are now free as of the last update, they are planning to use the reaction from this to help gauge the direction they go with Rise of Isengard.

Tasks and the Lone Lands: They have realised the gap the Lone Lands produce for F2P people due to lack of Reputation needed for the Epic Story Line in the Lone Lands. Tasks were introduced to fix a portion of that as well as making the Lone Lands Free Content.

Radiance Gear: They are planning to remove Radiance Gear as a requirement for any instances and raids!

Legendary Items: They are getting 2 upgrades next year!

The Producer also dropped some hints on some of the additions and changes for the Rise of Isengard expansion, namely the Cosmetic System, adding Cosmetic Pets for non-Rune Keepers, Expanded Monster Play and more.