I’ve had quite a bit of fun today in with the new Yule festival.  I’ll have more as I start to use my tokens and show off some of my new digs, but I do have the new pretty Yule horse on my Warden.

First up is a video I did for the snowball fight.  I think this one will be varied based on your server and time of day, there were only 3 people in this fight so it wasn’t that chaotic.  I’ll try a few other times to get some better footage, but hopefully you get the idea.

[youtube U7A9B9bIeug]

And after quite a bit of eating, I was able to finish the feast quest.  This one was pretty hard for me to get the hang of, so hopefully for those of you struggling with it this video might help out.

[youtube OmoPjbpQh88]

And like I said, I’ll have more up as I do more in the festival as well as run through it with my Champion who’s my second main currently.