I posted earlier about Turbine’s announcement on this event that has popped up today, but now that I’ve gone through and completed the deed I figured I’d share what I think and how to go about doing it.  I will put the spoilers below a picture and just include the forum links, so if you don’t want the locations spoiled – don’t go to those forum links.

First up, my speculation on this as I’m pretty sure this is tied to the new raid cluster.  If you remember from the previous hints about this raid it takes place back in Eriador, where many of the new evil relics are.  Some of the NPCs you’ll visit give you hints and for me the question comes down to whether there will be one area or multiple ones.  My initial thought has always been one area, but now I’m leaning towards these raids/instances being spread throughout Eriador.  Since there are 5 relics, maybe 5 “zones” with each having the different content?  Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about the story and the implications it has and will certainly be talking about this on the 2nd episode of Sally Forth in LOTRO due out on Thursday.  There’s some really cool ideas they hint at and there’s some very cool tie ins not only with the story that we’ve seen but what we know going forward.

Looking back at actually completing the deed, some of the locations do make a lot of sense and it would have been process of elimination to find them, but others I would’ve never found 🙂  All I’ll give out as hints are that they do span multiple regions, and having ports certainly are handy.

Here’s a shot of me relaxing at the Prancing Pony after finishing up this deed, and below that will be links for the forum pages talking about and providing the walkthroughs.  Again, those links have exact locations so consider yourself warned if you want to find them yourselves.


Spoiler post with zones and locations

More Spoilers with exact locations and images