I’m trying to reduce the amount of posts on the Store and lump them together in one post per week.

First up is the Turbine Tuesday item for today (2/1), which is the Warden Class 50% at 398 Turbine Points.  Certainly I’m biased on this one since it is my favorite class but I honestly don’t know how good a deal it is for folks.  My suggestion would be to seriously look at how much the Moria expansion is since it includes so much of the game including the Warden and the Runekeeper.

Items on sale this week ending February 3rd are:

  • 20% off Character Slots – 476 Turbine Points
  • 20% off Angmar Quest Pack – 636 Turbine Points
  • 20% off Map to Aughaire (quest hub in Angmar) – 40-180 Turbine Points
  • 20% off Rune-keeper – 636 Turbine Points
  • 20% off Writs of Special Passage – 40-600 Turbine Points
  • 20% off Trait Slots – 76-156 Turbine Points

One that I’ll point out is the Writ of Special passage as those are SUPER helpful for doing the epic quest line and especially Volume 1.

And for those of you who missed out on the items from the Yule Festival, they’re coming to the store next week from 2/4 until 2/17.  Pretty much all the items you could’ve bartered for during the event are going to be available for the limited time window.