The server is down until 2pm Eastern to apply these updates.

There are quite a few tweaks here and there and many are things that fix what was done in the previous patch, that’s why they’re labeled “Bullroarer Only” as live will never see them.

Various fixes are in that were directly from community feedback:

  • Raid barter tokens are now unified – one token for helms, shoulders, etc as opposed to class distinctions
  • All sorts of instance/raid fixes
  • The new armor sets have been updated (I will have new spreadsheets up later today)

Hopefully we’ll see the new character panel in this build!

Updated travel skills such that those obtained via reputation do not share a cooldown, so you can travel to Mirkwood and then bounce out to Enedwaith without having to wait an hour.

Some interesting stuff, and I’ve very interested to see not only the armor sets but how the instances play out as many were very concerned with the loot tables.  Check out the notes for yourself, and make sure to comment in the thread if you have questions or issues.