Another patch has hit Bullroarer for the upcoming Echoes of the Dead update, and I must say I’m surprised as this seems to be the most patched update ever to come to Bullroarer.

Remember, anything that says “BULLROARER ONLY” just means it is a tweak or change to something that’s only seen on Bullroarer and will never appear on the Live clients.

Lots of little tweaks and fixes but a couple that jumped out at me:

  • Quite a few class tweaks including a bunch to the Hunters
  • Wardens get their class set bonuses tweaked on the armor sets
    • Increased Threat to Javelin attacks
    • Buff to Critical Defenses
  • Moors updates
  • And quite a bit of tweaking on the Relics
    • Settings now raise ranged, tactical, and melee damage instead of just one
    • gems now raise ranged, tactical, and melee crits instead of just one
    • Extraordinary Gem of Hope now raises critical defense, power, and morale

Some good stuff here with the Warden and Relic changes really showing that Turbine is still listening to their players!

Check out the full patch notes as they’re not that long but possibly some cool things that I’m overlooking.