CCP Dr.EyjoG notes that the last QEN for 2010 is now publicly avaialable! Its the last quarter report; Q4.

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Warfare and the EVE Online economy thrive on each other.  Without warfare there is very little consumption in EVE Online and without a strong economy (and lots of personal wealth) wars can’t be won.

The last QEN for 2010 is now out in PDF format. It was introduced at Fanfest last week during the lecture on the EVE Online economy.  This time around we had more people attending the lecture than ever before.  Many thanks to those that came to Fanfest to experience “The Party on the top of the world,” it was awesome!  It was amazing!  Many thanks also to those that watched the online stream and to all of you that enjoy the economic/business aspect of EVE Online.

In this QEN you will find the standard sections on demographics and price levels.  The theme chapter focuses on production and has some interesting information, including the use of 425MM rail guns for something completely different than killing stuff!  The advanced EVE player knows exactly what we are talking about.

Many thanks to the QEN team and to the other support teams within CCP, including the graphics team and the content team.  They do an awesome job of making numbers look good!

Dr. EyjoG