An unexpected move this morning meant that alot of forum regulars, as well as CCP Employees will be saying goodbye to some all too familiar faces in the all too near future.

CCP isn’t the first Gaming Company to fold a few decks though, SOE also faced layoffs not too long ago while getting back to core business and this move from CCP Games is no different. Its a time of reconciliation for CCP as they’ve made great strides in once again getting on the same track as their playerbase in a time where player retention in a cooling economy is hard to come by.

Very few people have friends or families that haven’t in some way been affected by the geared investements by large investement banks that lead to the finansial crisis that we’re still suffering from and we’re simply now seeing the aftermaths hit the MMO and entertainment business as well.

We at Stratics have nothing but positive experiences with CCP Games. We hope that the affected staff at CCP won’t suffer for long, but rest assured – they all have our deepest sympathy in this most troublesome time.

Best of Luck


The Stratics Family

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