Year: 2011

The Oracle

The Oracle used to be a “Tier 3” Battlecruiser for the Amarr shipline. As such, the prerequisite was to have Battlecruiser skill trained to level III. It has since been changed to a level I requirement due to changed...

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Popular Ship Configurations

In the effort to help new players use and enjoy the ships that they purchase, the staff at Eve Stratics are going to maintain a complete list of popular ship setups using both Tech 2 fits and Tech 1 fits for both PVE (incursions...

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EVE Online: The Crucible

Following a summer of leaks, rumours, player dismay and outright pitch-fork-riot-moments in the largest trade hub, Jita. Not to mention a hail of media fire towards the developers of EVE Online; CCP Games. The Winter expansion...

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