The latest scheduled release date for The Secret World (TSW) is July 3, 2012.
Funcom is offering a few bonuses for preordering the $49.99 game such as early game access. Those who prorder will be able to get into the game June 29th.
Also included in preorder are:

Early access to open beta weekends June 15-17 and June 22-24

One free secured character name.

In-game item with XP boost

Exclusive in game Tee-Shirt

Egyptian cat in-game pet that travels with you and gives you heal over time in combat. (other distributors have different pets Hound and Wolf are available)


Additionally there are upgrade packs that give you additional incentives:

The Initiate Pack $15 ($65 Total with game)

  • Blood Raven (social pet)
  • Set of highend weaponry
  • Faction specific leather jacket

The Master Pack $60 ($110 Total with game)

  • An additional 30 days of paid game time
  • An extra Character Slot
  • One¬†additional¬†name reservation slot (2 total)
  • 7 talismans to outfit your character
  • 10 consumable experience points boosters (These are shared between characters)
  • A lifetime %10 discount on all social clothing items

The Grand Master Pack $200 ($250 total with game)

  • Everything in the Master Pack
  • Life-time game subscription
  • An Exclusive Snake Skin Jacket


More information can be gotten from the The Secret World website.


Can’t wait to see you there!