No one emailed any Top Plays, so I’m not able to put a video together for that. Is this something you all want to see? Let us know in the comments below.

Wrath of Heroes revealed the Ancient Archivist. This is the Hero we were shown at the Invasion that I can finally talk about. He is the Librarian from the Lyceum. While we were not given specific details about what all his abilities actually are, we were given his mechanic. The Archivist is a support character built around critical hits. His spells do additional effects if they critically hit. As such, one of his abilities can force a critical hit. The example ability we got was one of his abilities will do an AoE stagger, but only if it crits. Do you force the stagger or do you need one of the other effects more? Or do you just feel lucky and think you can get the crit without forcing it? Since I only know the two abilities and I have no clue how much damage he can put out or if he can heal, it’s hard to say what impact he’ll have on the battlefield.

I’ve trying to get back into Age of Reckoning. I’m rusty and boy does it show. Most of my guild won’t touch the game for various reasons, so I may need to run with another group for it. Don’t spam me with guild invites though. I’m also trying to play without NerfedButtons to deal with the clunky Swordmaster mechanic. It will take my some time to get used to it. Precious time I won’t actually have for awhile.

July is the busiest month where I work, so I will have very little time for games very soon. I won’t be able to post a lot, but hopefully Cookiemonster and Wrathius can cover me while I deal with RL stuff. 🙂

I want to do a new series for WoH I call Counter This (working title). Essentially, I post a clip of some gameplay, either mine or submitted by someone else, where a hero switch is essential and turns around the game. The clip stops at the player death when the switch occurs. The viewers then guess which hero the player picked and why. In the next episode, the answer is revealed along with reasoning and results, and the next puzzle is presented. Viewers who guessed the correct hero would be put into a drawing to win a little something. Also the player who submits a clip that is used also gets a little something. Any thoughts on this? Good idea? Bad idea? You lost your mind Tarelther?