Taking over buildings

Cogs will every so often take over a shopkeeper’s building in their attempt to invade Toontown. You might receive a mission from headquarters to free a certain amount of these buildings again. All buildings that have been taken over can easily be recognized, since they aren’t as colorful as the normal buildings. But you can also determine what kind of cogs have taken it over by looking at the elevator. You can also see how high the building is by looking over the elevator door to the building. A higher building means you will be facing more cogs than in a lower building. To free the building again you simply walk into the elevator and go inside with the goal to reach the top floor of the building and kill all the cogs inside. A maximum of 4 toons can go on the elevator together. Keep in mind that if you go sad before you have killed all the cogs inside you won’t get any credit for any of the cogs you killed inside. You also won’t get any credit if you decide to teleport out of the building before winning the final battle. So if you have weak gags or little laff points you should consider waiting for some other toons to go with you so that you can help each other through.


Cooperation is the key towards success in Toontown. Many times you will see other toons standing outside a building waiting for someone to come along to help them. Sometimes this toon is really only waiting for some of his friends to teleport to him so you should always ask if they need help before rushing onto the elevator. But most of the time a toon will be happy to see you so never be afraid to ask!