After accidentally knocking the Silly Meter into spooky mode, Goofy took a whack at fixing the kooky contraption today – and whacked Toontown right into a week of winter wackiness!
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Toontown’s now decked out in colorfully cheery decorations and Clarabelle’s Cattlelog is filling with even more merry clothing, accessories, and festive furnishings to decorate your Estate.
Even Parties go from silly to chilly with a dusting of snow, candy, and ribbon – plus the Present Catching Game and Reindeer Doodles!


All wintry week, plop a snazzy Snowman head on your Toon by singing holiday carols to six special shopkeepers in Toontown.
To find the six shopkeepers you need to visit, just figure out the puzzle by clicking here!
You need to sing just one of your Caroling SpeedChat phrases to each shopkeeper (doesn’t matter which carol, they enjoy them all!).
You’ll get a stocking full of jellybeans each time, and a brrr-illiant Snowman head when you sing a carol to the last shopkeeper!

Tips for Tune-tastic Toon Caroling:

Make your merry rounds caroling to the shopkeepers in any order and in any District, except Welcome Valley.


You can only carol to each shopkeeper for jellybeans once, so make sure there is enough room in your Jellybean Bank for your sweet rewards: 600 jellybeans.


Your Snowman head will last until this wacky week of winter ends on September 13, but completing any of the “Just for Fun” ToonTasks that reward a Toon-changing effect will remove it. To get your Snowman head back, just go to any of the participating shopkeepers and use a “Caroling” SpeedChat phrase again.


Enjoy a jolly week of wacky winter!