Stratics Managing Editor, Julie “Rhiannon” Garman, who also happens to be a supporter and founder for Shroud of the Avatar, polled various SotA forum regulars for some research. She noted how much is being written about why game developers and producers are turning to Crowd Funding as a source for funding. During a conversation with Kirthag (yet another SotA founder & Editor in Chief at Stratics), the question was asked, “Why do people donate when there is such a high risk for no return on their investment?”

The challenge was accepted! With only a couple of weeks before the Pre-Alpha Release, Julie spent much of her free time to formulate questions, post private messages to SotA forum users, gather their answers, calculate figures and with some help, produced some graphs and charts. The article just brushes the surface of the topic, but gives some keen insight as to why people have decided to back SotA with their hard earned money.

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