A recent update gave Gorgon players the ability to dye their crafted armor. There is a new crafter in Serbule who will teach dyemaking, located in the gem shop. Like other NPC teachers, he will require favor and money. Favor is given from am NPC by doing favors for them, or gifting them with items they love.



Once you have a bag full of dyes, you will have to learn how to apply them. If your armor is cloth, you can learn this with the NPC that teaches Textiles. If your armor is leather, then go see the Tanning trainer. There are three ways to apply the dye. Armor and clothing are set to accept three colors total. There is a base color, and two accent colors. You may apply only one dye, two dyes, or three.


Quite a few colors have been introduced already and I expect more advanced dyemaking will come as other parts of the game get more advanced. I will show you a few of them here. But there are more out there, and more to come in the future!


These color examples were done on the same set of armor, crafted nice leather, to see how the shades compare to each other over the same texture and base color. I do not know yet if the colors will behave differently on other armor. Also, I have only used one dye so you can see how the secondary color places behave with the base dye that was chosen. As far as I could see, this armor set can only be dyed two colors. I have an example of this down below. Some of the shades are very similar. However, I can see subtle shade differences that may make a difference when using it as a secondary color.

Many thanks to Auriel for her help in getting all these dyes together!

YellowGreen     SeaGreen     PaleGreen

DarkOliveGreen      LightCyan     SmokeyWhite

 Beige     Azure     SkyBlue

 DarkBlue     Blue     LightCyan

SlateGrey     NightGray     RoseyBrown

 Magenta     Orange     DarkKhaki

 Crimson     CarnelianRed     Aquamarine

NoDye     CarnRedNightGray

Auriel02     Auriel01

Here you can see Moderator Auriel showing off her god clothes. Wait……where did she get the black dye?????