A veteran Project: Gorgon player, Rojjin, gave a talk on various topics of interest. I want to focus on grouping and combat skills, as it seems to be what trips most folk up.

One thing to keep in mind is that nothing seen, said or experienced in game right now is set in stone. This game is still considered to be in the Alpha stage. There will be changes, rebalances and nerfs. Also another person’s experience may not be your own. But one person’s experience may lead you on a path of discovery you hadn’t thought of yet. This is what I hope this discussion has done for me.

Grouping in the sense that most gamers think is hard here because of a couple different things. Random groups lack adequate healing and when you die, you are transported back to the beginning of the dungeon. I hear there is a ressurection spell in the works, but what about healing?

In Rojjin’s experience, 2-3 archers running Mentalism can take on most dungeons. The only gear necessary would be archer gear that gives a percentage to cause stun. All members of the group would cast Armor over Time as it stacks, making your health a non-issue.

Mentalism, he explained, is important for duration effects. It also has a skill you can get in the Myconian Dungeon, called Pain Bubble that is very helpful.

For damage, it important to find armor that gives bonuses to combat skill. Lycanthrope has an armor piece that gives a percentage chance of extra damage.

I complained that this armor is hard to get if you can’t hit or do damage to a boss. I was pleased to learn that the best armor presently in game is crafted. Each armor slot within a skill gives a specific type of bonus. You just have to keep making it until you get piece that gives the amount you want, that will make that difference in your game. Rarity colors go in this order: white, green, blue, purple, yellow.

Rojin spoke of archery and Lycanthrope as being the best, but I wonder. Is there cow bonuses out there that would put me in the running? Time to find out!