Streamed Tournament!


Alliance Tournament 12
Alliance Tournament XII


This is the season for fabulous explosions, the famous “Jita Cam” and all of it accesible from your favorite couch! The e-sport tournament “Alliance Tournament” hosted by EVE Onlines CCP games are in the 12th installment and is doing better than ever.

If you always dreamt of flying an internet spaceship (like most little boys do), then you’d be amazed at how welll some of these pilots do stuff.

Pop in to watch the stream!

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Editorial: Stratics Sweet 16

Hi all! As we are now turning 16 it seems that what we do, see and accomplish … is something that even real people turning 16 can do too! We can now drive a car, drink booze (in some countries) and also in some countries even do the naughty monkey …

CCP developers puts a rifter into space

Last nite marked a milestone for CCP Games, launching their first ever spaceship into the lower atmosphere over Iceland through their space program “Skyward Sphere”. The launch progressed as planned, with the Rifter touching down again after reaching an approximate 100,000 feet altitude. This is the second launch made by …

Inferno release date announced

May 22nd will be the release date for Inferno Expansion, the upcoming “summer” release; Inferno.   CCP Games has had 2 expansions each year for a long time and this time is no different. We’ll be getting more flow through the war declaration system this time around and with new …

CCP Looking To Monetize 3rd Party Applications

Yesterday, CCP Atlas made a new post to his Developer Blog which was focused on monetizing 3rd Party Applications, such as EVEMon, EFT, Battleclinic, Killboards and just about every Alliance and corporation website there is. It was noted on the EVEOnline Twitter as “great news”, but many people have seen …