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  2. Hail Guest!,
    We wanted to make you all aware that Stratics.com will be unavailable from tomorrow(2015/02/17) until at least next week.
    This will not effect any of our Subdomains such as UO2.Stratics.com or the Forums. This is being done as we finalize preparations for our New Stratics Experience coming soon.
  3. Hail Guest!,

    As we finish preparing for our new Stratics.com to launch we want you all to be aware there may be unscheduled down times. As much as possible we are attempting to limit these to off Peak hours and would like to ask you to please forgive us for any inconveniences it may cause.

  4. Hail Guest!

    In order to complete our Data Migration for our new Stratics site we will be bringing the Forums down on Thursday 2/26/2015 at 10pm EST (2am GMT). Please be aware that your most recent posts may not make the migration and for more information please read this post: New Stratics Launch

Rules of Conduct

Please read our Rules of Conduct (RoC) prior to posting.

  • This site is privately owned and operated by Bazaaro Community, Inc. (“we,” “our”). Use of this site is a privilege--not a right. Affiliation, registration, or use of the Stratics content, products, or services, to include Stratics Forums, constitutes consent to these Rules of Conduct (RoC). We reserve the unilateral right to update this RoC at any time. Changes to this policy will be promulgated throughout the Stratics Network. After changes are implemented, continued affiliation, registration, or use of Stratics content, products, or service reaffirms continued assent to this policy.

    These forums are for discussing Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMOs) and the events associated with MMOs. These guidelines are posted only to bring clarification on some issues where there have been questions in the past. Stratics could not be any happier with the quality of posts provided by its participants and it is our desire to provide an environment that is conducive to discussions about MMOs. In general, what we're describing here is a code of conduct and if all of our participants will subscribe to this code of conduct most of these rules will be easily observed.

    A. Show respect at all times.

    B. Help build the Community.

    The success of our forums depends upon the quality posts of our participants. We are proud of the success of our forums and give our thanks to those who have chosen to make our forums their out-of-game home. To ensure continued success we are posting these guidelines so that all participants of the Stratics forums understand what is considered unacceptable behavior in the forums and can result in a temporary suspension or a permanent ban.

    C. Personal attacks are prohibited.

    This specifically means any text/post that is blatantly attacking another person on or off the forum, especially in a personal way.

    D. Trolling is prohibited.

    Trolling is whenever someone is clearly, deliberately posting in a manner for the purpose of angering and/or insulting the other participants of the board. Trolling DOES NOT encourage further discussion in the long run, it only encourages personal attacks (if left unchecked).

    E. Private conversations are to be considered private.

    They are not to be posted publicly unless the sender of the conversation agrees. This applies to any message or communication from any source that is not normally publicly viewable. Please note, also, that private messages are subject to our RoC.

    F. Users shall not post messages containing personal phone numbers or addresses.

    G. Advertising of player-run shards is prohibited.

    Additionally our forums are not designed to provide technical support for shard emulators and as such all discussions related to building and maintaining a shard are prohibited.

    H. Posting details of bugs and exploits in such a way that others are able to perform said bug or exploit is prohibited.

    In addition, documented involvement in activities that prove to be malicious and/or illegal in nature as it concerns the gaming industry as a whole will lead to immediate and permanent banning from the forums.

    I. Publicly discussing actions by moderators or administrators is prohibited.

    This includes, but is not limited to: bans, warnings, locks, and moved threads. Any inquiries or comments on bans, warnings, or other moderator actions, are to be sent in private messages or via email. A moderator may choose to publicly inform the participants of a forum about bans and warnings if this is in the interest of the forum.

    J. Posting of pornography, racist or otherwise discriminating remarks, threats to cause physical or mental harm, extreme offensive language, material that breaks any law or otherwise totally unacceptable posts or links to pages that contain the aforementioned material may result in an immediate ban from the forums.

    K. Deliberately circumventing the censor filter is prohibited.

    L. Spamming the forums is prohibited.

    This includes not only advertising, but reposting the same message across numerous forums.

    M. Please adhere to the following restriction for signature images:

    • Maximum size of image file(s): 100 kb
    • Maximum height of image(s): 150 pixels
    • Maximum width of image(s): 600 pixels

    N. Not responding to or ignoring moderator warnings can lead to suspension.

    O. Activities that are against any games' Terms of Service or User Agreement are prohibited from being promoted or advertised on our network. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Third party programs
    • Game item sales for real world goods or currency
    • Power leveling services
    • Unapproved modifications to game clients
    • And/or links to such items

    For Ultima Online, "third party programs" is defined as any program having an affect on the UO datastream or software, and not listed as approved

    P. Player to player transactions selling in-game virtual items for real life currency are prohibited from being promoted or advertised on our network unless explicitly approve by the game's publisher.

    Q. You may not use an alternative user account to promote or support your main user account in a way that implies you are more than one person or to evade disciplinary actions.

    R. Images created using shard emulators may be posted on the forum.

    Many of our participants create cartoons utilizing shard emulators. These cartoons add tremendous value to our forums and are perfectly acceptable.

    S. Off topic (OT) are not prohibited, but should be posted within reason.

    There are some topics that are not appropriate for the forums. All posts are subject to these rules. Excessive OT posts will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

    T. All forums have a main topic. When starting a new thread, make sure you do so in the proper Forum.

    U. Uploading or Linking to Malicious Software Will Result in an Immediate, Permanent Ban

    V. You Are Liable When Downloading Third Party Resources

    Stratics is pleased to allow users to upload resources for community use, including both paid and free resources. Downloading, purchasing, and/or using these resources constitutes consent to the liability thereof. Only download, purchase, or use resources, or click links to external sites, submitted by users that you know and trust.


    Stratics carefully memorializes every offending post, every action by moderators and administrators, and all other evidence related to the enforcement of our Terms of Use. If you feel that you have been warned unfairly, you may appeal moderator or administrator actions by e-mailing disputes@stratics.com.

    Thank you for being a part of the Stratics Forums community!

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