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(Player Event) ArchDemon Auction - Thursday May 17 @ 8:30pm Central

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by pinkpandora, May 16, 2012.

  1. pinkpandora

    pinkpandora Rares Fest Host | LS April 2011 Stratics Veteran

    Please join the ArchDemon Auction on Lake Superior for a great Auction, Fun & Games.
    Date: Thursday, May 17 at 8:30pm Central.
    Location: ArchDemon Auction House – right outside North Luna Gate: Malas Coordinates: 106 53N 20 48W
    A gate will be provided from Luna Bank.
    Games & Bags of money to be given away. At the end of the auction we will have a mongbat dart throwing contest. Gold will be given for each bullseye. Come join the fun!

    1.Bless Deed
    2. 1000 Boura Pelts
    3.Happy Easter!! Basket with both bunnies
    4. 25 Lucky Coins
    5.Towering Bonnet of Vitality: Casting Focus 2%; HPI 5; DCI 5; LMC 8; 44 resists; full durability
    6.Black Bonsai Tree Seed
    7.Cloak of Silence
    8.Skill Tutor Statuette
    9.old Hatchet with 44 uses; A Magic Battle Axe (Ogre Slayer)
    10. 53 Deeds (Heritage Token; Shadow; Crafting)
    11.Inquisitor’s Resolution
    12.Arcane Wooden Shield of Aegis: SC; Reactive Paralyze; Int Bonus 4; MR3; DCI 15; Cold Resist 3; Energy Resist 1 – full durability
    13. 5 Lavender Pigment dyes
    14. 8 double exceptional – 3 A Ringmail “piece” of Exceptional Quality; 3 weapons; A Heater Shield of Exceptional Quality; A Close Helmet of Exceptional Quality
    15. 9 flowstones – 4 unique shapes
    16.Christmas Rocks For The Naughty List (Catskills 2010)
    17.Ethereal Ostard Statuette
    18.Grizzled Bones of the Feral Guardian
    19.Hooded Shroud of Shadows
    20.Angel Box
    21.Wyrm’s Heart & Pumice
    22.Slime Dyed Backpack & last cleanup set of shirts also slimed dyed
    23. 5.0 Animal Taming Transcendence; 3 Animal Taming Alacrities; 120 Vet scroll
    24.Complete Set of Miniature Houses – plus the extra 3
    25.Mark of Travesty – Animal Taming & Animal Lore + 10
    26.Vet Statue – 24 of them – including Fire Elemental & Reaper
    27.Ethereal Ostard
    28.Pigments of Tokuno – last colors – 11 of them
    29.Melissa’s Cloak – blessed
    30.WHITE doom lamp post
    31.REAL Sorcerer’s Suit
    32.Guild Deed; Unknown Deed; Bushel; 2 unnamed scrolls
    33.Deed for an Ankh Of Sacrifice (10th year Vet)
    34.Crystal Portal & Corrupted Crystal Portal
    35.Replica of an Empty Mysterious Display
    36.Seahorse Statuette – blaze
    37.Gleaming fuchsia pigment – 5 uses (cleanup dye)
    38.Rideable Polar Bear

    After the Auction, we will have Mongbat Darts! Meet on the ground floor – a bulls-eye wins gold!

    Thanks for coming,
    Rose & Pandy

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