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Blue screen crashes

Discussion in 'UO Tech' started by Doubleplay, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Doubleplay

    Doubleplay Lore Keeper

    Is there any history of blue screen crashes from UO, specifically the EC client? I have been crashing over the last year. Here is my history: Just before the crash to blue screen status, the sound becomes scratchy. It gets worse and worse over a few minutes until the crash occurs.

    My computer is under warranty, so I have called the company three times for a fix. They ask me a few questions, then send out a rep who replaces random items in my computer. So far, my motherboard, my memory, and my graphics card have been replaced. Yet the problem has cropped up again.

    Since the warranty has expired, I have two questions. Is anyone else having this problem, and should I buy a new soundcard? Trashing the computer (dell studio xps) is an option that I sure wish to avoid.

    The blue screen crash has never occurred using any other program or activity, just while playing UO.
  2. Doubleplay

    Doubleplay Lore Keeper

    I forgot to add, that when I start hearing the audio break up, I can shut down the computer for a restart and that will cure the problem (usually for the duration of the play session).
  3. IanJames

    IanJames Certifiable Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus

    Some more information about your computer would be helpful. Can you provide the specs?
  4. Doubleplay

    Doubleplay Lore Keeper

    My computer is running windows vista, Intel(R) core i7 cpu 2.67.GHz processor. I have 8gb installed memory, 16gb virtual memory. Graphics is ATI Radeon 4800 series.
  5. IanJames

    IanJames Certifiable Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus

    What is the blue screen stop code?
  6. Doubleplay

    Doubleplay Lore Keeper

    Ian, thanks for responding. I will look back in the logs and try to get that info.
  7. Doubleplay

    Doubleplay Lore Keeper

    Since it has been a while since my last blue screen crash, I cannot remember the message I got on restart. Searched the logs, but don't see anything helpful. I do have the minidump files, but no program to display them. I am not trying to troubleshoot my computer here. I was just wondering if my problem was a shared one, or if my crashes were unique. I will assume the latter, unless lots of users jump in and say "Hey that happens to me too." Thanks for your response, Ian. Much appreciated.
  8. IanJames

    IanJames Certifiable Stratics Veteran Staff Alumnus

    No problem. Was just trying to help you narrow down what the problem might be.

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