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Closing of Lexx Merlin's Wondrous Shop...

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Lexx Merlin, May 11, 2012.

  1. Lexx Merlin

    Lexx Merlin Seasoned Veteran Stratics Veteran

    I just want to let everyone know that I have decided to close my shop that was located in eastern Zento. There is just not enough going on for me to run the shop anymore. So I have decided to do something else with my vendor house and the house in front. I wanted to open up a pet fighting arena!!! I was wondering what your thoughts might be on this topic. How many people would be interested in participating? What kind of pets would you like to fight? Would anyone be interested in sponsoring fights? etc... Please let me know your thoughts on the closing of the shop and the possibility of reopening a pet fighting center.
  2. Mirt

    Mirt Certifiable Stratics Veteran

    It tends not to work in trammel as the owners must be guilded togther. Other then that I think it could be very fun.
  3. Ashlynn_L

    Ashlynn_L Lore Keeper Stratics Veteran

    I am not a tamer, so could there be "classes" of pets? In the way other sports have weights. That way anyone can join. I'd try and train up a pet and take part if there was interest. With regards to the green/guild thing, what are the best ways to get around that? Could the arenas be used for that purpose for example?
  4. Lexx Merlin

    Lexx Merlin Seasoned Veteran Stratics Veteran

    On Europa and Catskills I have seen pet fighting arenas in trammel rulesets. All you have to do is either get guilded or ally (temporarily) to be able to fight pets. As for not being a tamer, there are a lot of pets that can be fought that don't need taming. Battle chickens, mongbats, cats, rats, etc. I was mostly interested in battle chickens and maybe other things. All suggestions are welcome and we can discuss them openly! :)
  5. Calkano

    Calkano Journeyman


    can't you fight while in a part too?
  6. Avo

    Avo Journeyman

    If your fighting battle chickens there is an easy option if people and guilds don't wish to be allied temporarily. Simply train your chicken and name it something so it can be identified as yours, and then once the two chickens are inside the arena, the owners can release ownership of them. Once they are released, a provoker can then entice the two chicken to fight. The winning chicken can then be either retamed or hearded into a waiting area for the next fight so retaming may not be necessary.
  7. Lexx Merlin

    Lexx Merlin Seasoned Veteran Stratics Veteran

    I don't know if I'd want to see the loss of a pet. I have a very high rated battle chicken that took me a lot of eggs to get... and i'd be very sad if I lost it.
  8. Avo

    Avo Journeyman

    oh i been gone for waaaaay to long then, they have actual battle chickens now that you grow from eggs??? I thought you were just calling them battle chickens cause they were going to fight haha!
  9. Lexx Merlin

    Lexx Merlin Seasoned Veteran Stratics Veteran

    They have battle chickens... kind of a pain to get them though. I think they are pretty nifty and would love to see a shard wide event for fighting pets.
  10. QueenZen

    QueenZen Stratics Legend Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Well there is always good ol fashioned tinkered up, golem fights too. :)
  11. Avo

    Avo Journeyman

    Hmm, I would really like to see these battle chickens in an actual... well battle.

    Queen Zen, hows it going by the way. Long time no see hehe!

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